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    Originally posted by JewelsVernz

    Let France have them.

    IT'S MIKA!

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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Your stalker!
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    Originally posted by Harald

    Your stalker!


    What do you call a stalker's stalker?
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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member

    Originally posted by JewelsVernz


    What do you call a stalker's stalker?

    Dude, I've not been bannned 3 times.
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    Originally posted by Harald

    Dude, I've not been bannned 3 times.

    What teh hell you talking about?!
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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member

    Originally posted by JewelsVernz

    What teh hell you talking about?!

    Q: What do the following ex-members all have in common: Mika / PC^KILLA / Majorspunk / BlueShift?
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    Originally posted by Harald

    Q: What do the following ex-members all have in common: Mika / PC^KILLA / Majorspunk / BlueShift?

    Really small penises?
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    haraldharald Posts: 2,152member
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    A neurological pathology that warrants our sympathy?

    And very small penises.
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    Harald, Hassan i Sabbah/kneelbeforezod

    I believe Giant might want to have a word with you.
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    Originally posted by JewelsVernz

    Harald, Hassan i Sabbah/kneelbeforezod

    I believe Giant might want to have a word with you.

    Is he your doctor?
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member

    Originally posted by BuonRotto

    I still don't see how homosexuality causes or is a sign of the fall of empires and such. I'm not too familiar with this pattern, haven't bothered to notice one really.

    Think Berlin in the 30's, before those nice clean-cut boys in the natty brown shirts showed up to clean up the place.
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    Originally posted by Eugene

    1) Abortion - Provide a compelling scientific explanation for when a fetus becomes alive. Allow abortions without questions asked before that. Only extreme emergencies afterward. A heartbeat seems more logical a measure than central nervous system activity, which is more gray area.

    People's hearts stop beating all the time. That's what those paddles with the batteries are for.

    The fetus is alive as soon as it's a fetus. If it was dead then it would cease growing. Did you mean "provide a compelling scientific explanation for when a fetus becomes human"?
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member

    Originally posted by Harald

    Q: What do the following ex-members all have in common: Mika / PC^KILLA / Majorspunk / BlueShift?

    Are you sure he was Majorspunk? Scott is somewhere called to Mt Carmel or at least there is a Mt Carmel in Illinois (and outside chicago). And 'spunk had enough overconcervative and anti-someone in particular opinions that it would catch my eye.

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    1 ) Abortion - Pro Choice

    2 ) Drug Legalization - Legalize all drugs with greater restrictions on the hard stuff. Punish the acilliary crimes associated with drug use extra hard. ie Someone steals your car stereo to pay for their fix they go to jail for a year. Also anyone on welfare would need to be drug tested and lose their benefits if they use drugs. I would include alcohol and tobacco in this. If you can find money to party you don't need the governments money.

    3 ) Government Spending - My problem with gov't spending is more value for dollar than amount spent. I just don't feel we're getting a great enough return on the money spent. Surely not as good a return as a Halliburton is getting. Also Archers Daniel Midlands should be banned from getting any gov't money.

    4 ) Gun Control - I think we should treat gun ownership and use the same way we treat car ownership and use. If you need a liscence to use a dangerous device like a car I see no reason you should not also need a liscence to use a gun. Likewise if you need to register and insure a car why shouldn't you need to register and insure a gun?

    5 ) Healthcare - I bet we could save 30% of healthcare costs if they could just figure out a way to go paperless! I'm all for a gov't funded minimum level of healthcare.

    6 ) Education - Money and reform would help about 10%, but nothing will help more than parents and students that give a shit. A friend of mine estimates that 75% of his class time is spent on discipline. That's not the school or gov'ts fault.

    7 ) Immigration - More legal immigration tougher on illegals.

    8 ) The War on Terrorism - This is an Orwellian attempt by the Bushies to distract us from their fleecing on the nation.

    9 ) Gay Marriage - What took so long! The dumbest non issue since flag burning. If two guys or gals want to marry eachother than I'm all for it.
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    1 ) Abortion: I'm for it.

    2 ) Drug Legalization: I'd like to see drugs etc. 100% free (libertarian approach) but as long as I have to pay for the healthcare of others, the society must choose a level of drug control that is necessary to minimize the overall damage. Though I haven't seen the research necessary to determine this for good, I have a gut feeling that home-growing marijuana and using it should be legal.

    3 ) Government Spending: It's not the government's money they are spending. All spending, including military, should be public information and put on a website both in detailed and compressed form. There should be independent officials whose whole duty is to research spending, find trouble spots, corruption, and instances where we are not getting our money's worth.

    4 ) Gun Control: What people own and keep on their own property is their business. What they carry in the public is not. In a country where all sorts of guns are common, it's futile to do any kind of gun control. In a country where, say, handguns are rare, it might help in crimefighting to have strict registration procedures that limit the availability of handguns. The regulation should not cost the gunowner anything - government wants to regulate, government pays for all paperwork.

    5 ) Healthcare: not clear about opinion. I believe strongly in profit motive, and in public healthcare the doctor doesn't have a profit motive to give me the best possible care. OTOH private healthcare usually means insurance, and then the insurance companies have a strong motive to screw the patient. It's best for the average person to pay their own treatment without insurance, but then poor sickly people are totally screwed (they can't afford treatment, and insurance prices are likely to go up if the healthy and the rich do not take insurance).

    6 ) Education: primary education paid with taxes, everybody is given an "education note", they can spend it on public or private education as they like. Higher education is given direct support from the government, but there are tuition fees.

    7 ) Immigration: non-issue. I say we take in everybody who have education and are able to work.

    8 ) The War on Terrorism: glad my country doesn't participate in this scam. What should be a job for the police and intelligence people among other jobs, is now a licence to do away with human rights, steal from taxpayers and give the money to weapon industry owners.

    9 ) Gay Marriage: Optimal solution is a total rewrite of the law so that it knows no such thing as marriage (marriage would be left to religious communities and cease to have any legal significance). Meanwhile, there should be something for gays that is equal to marriage in the eyes of the law. Whether it's called marriage or something else is a non-issue.

    Additional: Taxes and social security: Flat tax, money is given to people who need handouts to stay alive, all money given to a person and the reasons for it are public information.
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    mlnjrmlnjr Posts: 230member
    Responding to the "there are no gun show loopholes" post a while back, I don't know which gun shows you go to, but it is absolutely possible to buy weapons at a gun show without having to submit to a criminal background check. 32 states allow this.

    Before you say something asinine, check the facts.
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    Heh -- no powderkegs here!


    1 ) Abortion -- Legalize. It's a woman's choice

    2 ) Drug Legalization -- Legalize marijuana, increase the severity of punishments for other illicit drugs. Death penalty for traffickers

    3 ) Government Spending -- Not going to comment; I'm not an American.

    4 ) Gun Control -- Get rid of the guns. They're unneccesary (and I own three firearms myself).

    5 ) Healthcare -- Follow the Canadian model. It works.

    6 ) Education -- Should be open, free access for all.

    7 ) Immigration -- Tighten it up. North American borders are far too porous!

    8 ) The War on Terrorism -- The initial response should have been far, far stronger. It's turned into a joke.

    9 ) Gay Marriage -- Let any couple, straight or gay get married. How does two gay people being married negatively impact me? It doesn't ...

    Just my $0.02,

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    sammi josammi jo Posts: 4,634member
    1 ) Abortion :

    Keep abortion as safe as possible, and that means in a clean, sanitary, medically qualified facility. Let it remain a personal decision between the mother, father and doctor. Making abortion illegal targets the less well off: wealthy Americans will fly overseas for their safe, legal abortions, while poorer Americans will go outside of the law for theirs... I wonder if the "pro-life" crew are aware of this"?

    2 ) Drug Legalization:

    Absolutely. And that means all of them. The war on drugs is an abject failure in every respect....a fiasco. The only beneficiary is the burgeoning private "corrections" industry....creaming $20 billion a year of taxpayer by sending kids to institutions where they learn to become hardened criminals. It's also been largely responsible for making many areas in US cities violent no go areas where streetgangs (domestic terrorist groups) rule.

    3 ) Government Spending

    It all depends what they are spending it on! In general, government spending should be as little as possible without losing the quality of essential infrastructure and public services that is characteristic of a civilized society. Some people who argue for lower govt. spending were the ones baying loudest to invade Iraq thereby dumping hundreds of $$$billions of taxpayer funds, mostly on corporate welfare.

    4 ) Gun Control

    The 2nd amendment: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". The interpetation of this has almost become an industry unto itself, but love (guns) or hate em, many Americans possess them, they are here, you can' get rid of them, so lets be practical about it, and making the possession of firearms illegal only creates a new class of criminals. Like many 'within the law, without the law" issues, like drugs, abortion etc, education is the key. People who have guns must know how to handle and store them safely and with the maximum rigor. Anything less and tragedy is often the result. It's so much down the the individual responsibility of the owner.

    Having said that... where does one draw the line? When the 2nd Amendment became constitutional law, "arms" had a very different meaning...flintlocks, muskets, and cannons firing iron balls were the order of the day. Today, the scope is limitless...."arms" can be defined as anything from a "Saturday Night special" (which I think should be banned) to high powered automatic weapons, to rocket launchers... all the way up to nuclear weapons. Where does the 2nd amendment draw the line re. the potency of arms that may be in legal public possession? As Gen. Wesley Clark said recently.."if you want to play with high powered automatic weapons, join the US Army". (btw...You don't need an AK47, Uzi or M-16 to go deer hunting).

    5 ) Healthcare

    On this one, I have an unabashedly liberal viewpoint. A one payer system, like every other industrialized nation has is the only way to go. The HMO system is a huge horrible scam.

    6 ) Education

    Our biggest priority. I cannot emphasize this enough.

    7 ) Immigration

    All aliens entering US territory should be subject to the same rules, regardless of country of origin: that means NO preferential treatment for Mexicans.

    8 ) The War on Terrorism

    Bogus, bogus, bogus. That recent CIA evaluation stating how the war in Afghanistan had spread al qaida's expertise and personnel throughout the world says it all. Bush and co have made America less safe. Then there's the possible repercussions, maybe over years to come, from the invasion of Iraq.

    9 ) Gay Marriage

    If we always succumbed to majority opinion, we would still have slavery, segregation, and women would not be allowed to vote. It should not be big intrusive government which determines who an American chooses for a lifetime partner. Period.
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