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    Originally posted by Matsu

    I guess we got a little off track.

    Off track? Punny. In the tradition of AppleOutsider, this thread has been hijacked. Hmm... I probably shouldn't use that word.


    Yes, the manuals available for road cars are better than their usual auto counterparts. But how much longer will that be true.

    Randy won't like that. So let's just pretend that manual don't get better gas mileage or have better performance.


    We already know that putting a manual under computer control results in a far superior transmission system. Racing "manumatics" had gotten so good that drivers forgot about them altogether and just worked on modulating the throttle. They were taken out largely to restore the human factor to racing.

    My brother-in-law used to work for Ricardo, who makes the "manumatic" for Ferrari. This is a true manual, with a computer doing the shifting for you, as he explained to me. It will shift much faster and smoother than a human. This would be the way to go.

    A Tiptronic-type tranny is still an automatic transmission, but one that is easier for the driver to shift.


    What will happen as CVT's take over? They can be in the perfect ratio all the time. Ultimately that's a faster lap time and a faster car.

    It's about keeping the engine in its powerband, so I agree that possibility is there. It will take re-learning for people like myself, but I could see this happening. I still prefer a manumatic approach, though, just for the Speed Race in me.


    Is a sports car supposed to be fast, or is it supposed to be demanding, or some combination of both?

    "What is a sports car?" That question is there right after: "What is the meaning of life?"

    For me (opinion alert! opinion alert!) it's about the driver and the car. Mazda talked about this when they introduced the Miata back in 1990. It's about how well the two go together, like horse and rider.

    I feel this way everytime I drive my 944. I think it, and it just does it. My Civic Si isn't as capable as the 944 (the 944 is too much car for me), but on the race track, the Civic and I have a lot of fun together, too. It's maybe just a tick slower than the 944 in our short track (1.19 miles) in Detroit, but it's just as fun. And 3rd gear at 8000 rpm sounds so good. It's not Ferrari good, but not bad.

    Man, I miss those days....
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