why don't more people switch?



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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    I love these discussions--the megatonnage of crap opinions is staggering.

    People don't flood to the Mac platform because they DON'T CARE. Just as I personally don't care what kind of water heater I own, so long as it actually heats water, many folks DON'T CARE what OS they run...people buy what they know, they know Windows, they buy it.

    It's really that simple. We'd like to think it isn't simple and there's so much Apple could do with marketing and hype, but they're already doing about the best anyone could (i.e. iPod) under the circumstances they created when they lost the market.

    Ultimately the answer isn't cheaper, quicker or even better. It's scale, and sneaking in the back way...which the iPod is making some headway in.
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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member

    Originally posted by jade

    PC Mag has a pretty interesting take on the issue. What do you guys think.

    it's the games

    I switched because I like Apple hardware and OS X is really cool. I am not a big game player and typically stick with online games like on yahoo. But for a lot of people it is a pretty big issue.

    people are seen to the sereotype of iMac(the old 1s with OS9) i had a kid at skool ask me if my tibook was a imac laptop i wanted to slap the ignorant retard... i think people just dont know much abut os 10
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    kanekane Posts: 392member
    For most people, a computer, is a computer, is a computer. And most likely that computer is running Windows. But they don't know that.
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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member
    i think cost might be a factor too because unless you are doing buisness work or making something very important macs are alot if you want good quality
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    Originally posted by KANE

    For most people, a computer, is a computer, is a computer. And most likely that computer is running Windows.


    I've come across people who thought Windows was an integral part of the computer like the CPU or memory. You can't have a computer without it. I've been posed many bizarre questions about Windows on a Mac, mostly from people thinking the Finder is some version of Windows.

    It's not their fault. They're not stupid. Windows is all these people have ever known and used. Every computer they've used has Windows; so, why wouldn't they think it must be on every computer? That's why Microsoft will carry on for many more years simply because of momentum.
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    concordconcord Posts: 312member
    MrMister basically hit the nail right on the head. The sheer ubiquity of the PC platform and the general public's ambivalence are by far the two biggest reasons why more don't switch. Most people never even consider a Mac when buying a computer - it's just not an option in their minds. A computer is what you're used to and everyone else has.

    The problem is... I don't see a way for Macs to get out of this niche anymore. Every year for the last 9 years their position in the industry erodes just a little more... Cheap, ubiquitous PCs are just going to continue to be gobbled up in emerging markets and once you have that momentum and marketshare there is very little you can do to turn it around.

    Apple would have to come up with a fundamentally better way to use computers to regain a significant amount of the market. Furthermore it would have to be affordable and Apple would have be able to maintain a stranglehold on this "better way" so that the PC industry couldn't just "embrace and extend" this design and continue to keep Apple in their little closet.


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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    i feel that most of the reason for not switching is simply ignorance. and i can understand that because that was me a year or so ago. i always had a pc and heard all the same old bullshit about why macs are bad. everything u have heard b4 from windows people i thought as well. but, i saw how nice osx looked then started checking out more info and finding out the truth. and then i would come on this board and read what people say about it. after a couple months i wanted one real bad. finally i got my first mac 6 months ago and loving every minute since. i think at least half of windows users are the same way and would switch if it was easy to do. what is it about macs? ever since i got one i try and switch every person i know and educate them on why they are better. ive noticed that mac users tend to be more fanatical.
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    the thing i get sick of is how IT staff will tell me they don't want me to get a mac because "they don't want to support it." then i have to remind them of the last YEAR in which i actually deigned to ask them their f'n help on something. i think it was somewhere around when their windows mac services were constantly kicking my mac off the network... because, you know, it's a mac and they suck and stuff...

    friggin' ignorance

    edit: p.s. i also want to point out that many of their "god, your mac sucks because it doesn't work with our new $5K printer" complaints might have been solved if they had done any research beyond the sales fellatio by the vendor team and had maybe, just maybe, ASKED ME FIRST.

    p.p.s. also, i think either dvorak is mellowing out some. he almost seems rational at times, and has even contributed a few paragraphs to a recent issue of macworld, though the backhanded compliments were many, but i'll take what i can get...
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