Wife might be fired for owning a Mac (long rant-you've been warned)



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    fuzz_ballfuzz_ball Posts: 390member

    Originally posted by JLL

    What kind of VPN software?

    Don't know yet, we haven't received the CD yet.


    Originally posted by JLL

    Instead of VPC you could buy a cheap PC (as mentioned by others) and use MS Remote Desktop Connection on the Mac - it's much faster than VPC.

    If VPC won't work, then we'll have to consider that, but right now space is a premium in her tiny home office. I don't know where I would stick a PC box right off hand, but I may have to if VPC gives me problems, we'll see...
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    tokentoken Posts: 142member
    I've had similar problems with my new employer, a European university.

    Policy is:

    No macs allowed on the network, either through the local ethernet or through vpn from home. They won't allow macs because its time-consuming to support more than one OS 8even though I will support it myself). They also won't allow macs because they can't control the machine 100% using their existing solutions, including checking for virus updates, etc. Finally, 'management' has decided to go for an all-Microsoft based solution. Thus with this logic, I couldn't continue to work on my own iBook.

    I then received a portable PC to work on instead, which is nice of them. But I still don't 'get' pc's and wants to continue work on my iBook. I have after all been using it for mor than 10 years now and has a very good workflow with mac specific programs. Using it on the network is technically fully possible, and I would even install an anti virus package and turn on the Firewall, if that was deemed necessary. Thus the other day I contacted a young friendly IT-supporter from the staff and asked if he could help me get the iBook online on the network, configure my exchange client (Mail or Enourage), etc.. "No problem", was his answer (it turned out, he was an apprentice, having no mac prejudice). Soon I had the iBook online and mounted the network drives. A succes! But alas, then hell broke out: he had to call his superior for advice on configuring Exchange, etc. I was soon confronted by 5 angry and/or completely baffled IT people. After what turned into a very heated argument about the virtual non-existence of vira and the strangeness of seeing the iBook as a huge security risk for the WINDOWS network, I was told that from now on I am being specifically watched and would be considered breaking national hacking laws if the iBook is coming online on the network again. I can actually get fired and go to jail for this!

    ... So for now I am using this d*mned pc and am being very unhappy.
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    Token, that is just an amazing story. Very sorry to here that. Sounds like everyone at your University works for IT, not the other way around. If Macs were banned at our institution there would likley be a small revolution, which I would start.

    In ten years the only Mac problem with security I've ever seen was a worm that affected MS Office and slowed things down until we cleaned the Mac. That was probably 6-7 years ago. In the last few years I've had hundres of e-mails with addresses coming from PC users at our university (at least they were in the senders address book, but the numbers of e-mails indicates many had an internal origin). My Mac has never been affected or contributed to the problem. I've kept on working while others were wiping their harddrives.
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    I hope you are looking for alternate employment.

    You are already a marked man there it seems, so better to write a nice resignation letter that mentions how you thought you were applying for a job at a University, not in an IT police state.

    Otherwise you are just waiting for them to find an excuse to fire you, or to make your life so miserable that you quit because you can't stand to be there.
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    tokentoken Posts: 142member
    There is one more twist to this story: I AM allowed to go online with the iBook using the publicly available wireless network on campus (with no access to the internal network, printers, etc) The only caveat is that the wireless signal doesn't reach the building my office is located in \

    I will continue to use my iBook anyway - I won't allow IT to win this easy. I have signed up for uni's internal courses on 'remote work', 'how to use internal systems', etc. and will bring my mac and intend to be a very annoying student.
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    1. been there, feel your pain.

    2. when your instincts tell you "the writing is on the wall", either

    (a) you are right OR

    (b) you're concerned over nothing OR

    (c) a weird mix of (a) and (b)

    3. there's a time to fight and stand your ground

    4. there's a time when you start interviewing around just to be safe

    5. there's a time to just say, well, this paperless office thing, by the sounds of things, is going to be some half assed garbage. so $300 low end PC, kvm'ed with the mac, don't let these other losers bring you down and cause you all this stress.

    6. as long as the workaround to deal with this paperless office on software on PC Cd-Rom like i said, which is probably going to be nonsense, by our standards, not to mention VPN shite (don't even get me started on this...) and the "IT Services" or lack of it, department, well, as long as you can workaround it, keep your macs, keep your source of income, still get the job done to YOUR satisfaction, yeah, don't let these other PC losers bring you down

    all the best. are you sure there are no other issues that management is concerned about with your wife besides the Mac thing? not saying that there is, but wondering if management thinks that there is. otherwise it's mostly their fear of Macs that makes them freak out that they would actually rather let go of a long term employee than try to reasonable work out some compromise with them

    hmmm keep us updated
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    oh, and i can say that these past 8 years, no organisation WHATSOEVER has really EVER satisfied my computing needs adequately. that's a given. look, if you are a mac user, an experienced computer user of some degree, you know that you are most likely more sensible when it comes to IT than half if not ALL of the so-called IT department in your company. i'm done with jumping through hoops just to get the right hardware and peace of mind to do my work.
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    Originally posted by Token

    ...... seeing the iBook as a huge security risk for the WINDOWS network, I was told that from now on I am being specifically watched and would be considered breaking national hacking laws if the iBook is coming online on the network again. I can actually get fired and go to jail for this!.....

    typical example of the sheer stupidity of the so-called IT deparment. bane of my fucking existence, these sort of pc-windoze-IT-department-dickheads. they are scared of the mac because it would expose the complete fraud that they are.
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