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    Originally posted by Leonis

    For false color, get a minus violet filter and you will be fine.

    I recommend either Sirius Optic's MV20 or Baader's Fringe Killer

    By the way, I was tempted to buy a 10" reflector on EQ6 mount. However I realized the whole setup is like 90 lbs then I said forgot it. My current ones are at 45lbs (the black reflector at left) and 65lbs (the refractor at right) and they are already giving me hard time to carry around.

    Thanks for the info. What is your refractor ?
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member

    Originally posted by Powerdoc

    Thanks for the info. What is your refractor ?

    5.1" (130mm) f/8 refractor by Antares. This is the prototype model. Not commercially available. I am very happy with it

    My only complaint is it's not big enough Want to go a bigger refractor but have to worry about weight problem. A 6" f/8 refractor OTA alone is like 27lb and requires an HEQ5 mount to hold (with weighs around 50lb) the total is like 77lb
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