The dock finder button should spawn a finder window

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Instead of opening a finder window, selecting what you want, and closing it, one should be able to spawn it from the Finder dock button.



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    jwilljwill Posts: 209member
    I thought you could...if no Finder windows were open, that is.

    If you click the Finder icon in the dock when no windows are open in that app, it will open a window. Or are you speaking of something else?
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    95% of the time I am navigating to a file, I could put the hard drive in my dock but it is not as good as column view, basically I want the dock to spawn column view and when I get my file, it will shrink back down into the dock. So this idea is a navigational idea only, and the user would use the traditional separate window to change stuff around. Ok, perhaps it is a bad idea to have the finder menu do it wouldnt be a bad idea for a small dock app to spawn the window like that!
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    my finder button does pop up and show a column view--check all your view options and finder prefs, as obviously you can do this. also, if you need the finder window a lot, try using apple-n to open it (when finder is selected as the app of course). all i have to do is click my desktop, hit apple-n, and i'm set.
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    hyperb0lehyperb0le Posts: 142member
    I think he's saying that he wants the finder icon's dock menu to have a mini-finder window in it. So if you click and hold (or right click) the finder icon, you could quickly navigate to a file.

    I don't like this idea. With expose, having many windows open is no longer a problem. Just keep an extra finder window open and expose to it when you need to grab a file. Then again, it's not really that difficult to just open a new finder window when you need it. Dock menus are supposed to contain menu items, not UI controls. Plus, I don't think this would even be possible without a rewrite of the carbon equivalent of NSMenuItem.
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    kim kap solkim kap sol Posts: 2,987member
    Dumbest idea of the year.

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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    I'm sorry that you are unable to express yourself, kim kap sol. I admit it is somewhat of an afterthought idea, and in conclusion a bad idea. I find it amusing you cant articulate yourself on something so easily counter-argued; that you must mask your lack of argument with a derogatory image. I'm in awe of your witty little image, post some more.

    In response to the more literate AI members, I do now see some inherent problem with this design. The simplest solution would be a hack that allows the hard drive to be shoved into the Apple menu, there is probably a hack already for this. It just drives me nuts that I have to open a window, navigate through it and open something and then close it. I know I can put my hard drive in the dock, but since it only fits on the right, it feels awkward to navigate right to left.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member

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    The simplest solution would be a hack that allows the hard drive to be shoved into the Apple menu

    or what you can do is put your harddrive in the dock, works the same way
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    I already do, but I dont like navigating right to left.
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    What about putting your dock on the left side of the screen!?
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    His actual, original idea (that got totally overlooked or misconstrued) is not all that different than Mac OS 9 popup folders.

    Click on "something" at the bottom of the screen and an actual Finder window is displayed and it retracts when you are done.

    In Mac OS 9 "something" was a tab. In his idea it is the Finder Dock icon.

    Granted it looks horrible in the example since it's so fat assed.

    Isn't as horrendous as it might seem though, unless you hated popup folders in Mac OS 9.

    Then again, I just want regular old popup folders period (but placeable on the sides ala DropDrawers).
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    vox barbaravox barbara Posts: 2,021member

    Originally posted by johnq

    ...popup folders...

    ah, when it comes to popup folders for years - in these classic days - i refused to use them. because i simply misunderstood how they work effectively. later on, i became a good part of the widespread popup folder prayers. because popup folders were simply GENIAL. actually, the threadstarters original idea implies a bit popup folder. i'd say "mini-exposé" or "dock-exposé". i think, the idea is not that bad, as many of you consider it. at first glance, hm?

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    Originally posted by MajorMatt

    I'm sorry that you are unable to express yourself, kim kap sol.

    Actually, I like his reply, it was straight and to the point.

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    Yes funny picture!


    Originally posted by kim kap sol

    Dumbest idea of the year.

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    Nah, not the dumbest idea of the year. Funny response, I must admit, but not the bona fide dumbest idea of the year.

    Not saying I agree with him, or even that the idea's teh winnar, but his idea's not the dumbest of the bunch.
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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    is that hulk hogan giving the thumbs up?
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    dviantdviant Posts: 483member

    Originally posted by Cam'ron

    is that hulk hogan giving the thumbs up?

    Those don't look like his thumbs
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    cam'roncam'ron Posts: 503member
    dviant- u have to visualize him with his knuckles forward and thumbs straight up. its not exactely the top of the line graphics and im willing to bet that is from an old wwf game.
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    *sigh* The thread is officially derailed.

    A winner is you: from an "engrish" typo in Nintendo Pro Wrestling.

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    ps5533ps5533 Posts: 476member

    Originally posted by kim kap sol

    Dumbest idea of the year.

    hmmm WRONG!!! this is a great idea.... i say that they should put it in for 10.3.4 nice idea matt
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