"Kerry Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief" (Letter)



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    Originally posted by pfflam

    NO !!!!!!. . . . . THE STEELERS!!!!!!

    You are EVIL!!!
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    Just keep threatening to move, baby!

    (the shame of oaktown)
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    4 Super Bowls in a row...
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    Keep pushin guys. Keep pushin.

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    A moment later
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    Originally posted by pfflam

    A moment later

    Final score--9/10/89




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    If there was ever a candidate for the big steel padlock and chain...this is the thread.

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    Originally posted by SDW2001

    Look Mommy! A Straw Man!

    Leaders are elected to lead. They are not elected to take polls before making decisions. They don't have referendums on every issue, and more importantly, a leader that wins an election narrowly has every bit as much right to do his job as a leader that wins with a huge majority. What's an acceptable margin? 5%? 10%? 30% When is a political leader allowed to set an agenda?

    Yes and if the " leaders " don't lead in the direction the people want they're not reelected ( fired , let go , terminated ) for failing to follow the will of the people.

    At the university where I work if you're an administrator and your employer doesn't like what you're doing they don't renew your contract.

    With the situation here we are the employer. We pay his salary. We " hire " the president to manage or run the country. If he fails to perform his job in a manner that we like he's let go and we find someone who can.

    He's not a king and this isn't a monarchy.

    Get it?
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    I think this thread has run its course. Time to move on.
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