It's that time of year again. . . For a Red Bull thread



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    Red Bull really does nothing for me. I just thought that it was a strange-tasting soft drink before I found out that it was supposed to be an energy drink. Sleeping pills (Nytol) don't work either to be honest...
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member

    Originally posted by Moogs

    I just cannot get into the whole coffee scene, and age isn't helping either. I have yet to understand why anyone would want to pay money for a dark, bitter drink that is a massive diuretic, first thing in the morning, every morning. Guh!

    I don't like coffee in the morning either. . . I like a can of Coke with my breakfast tuna sandwich.

    But coffee is interesting. It has such a strong taste, that I think it's really much better in a sort-of milkshakey form. Take some iced-milk, sugar it down to some level you like, and dump in a mini-pot of Turkish coffee. YES! One of these jobs is great after lunch, which is usually another couple tuna sandwiches and bananas when I'm feeding myself.

    Turkish coffee is the only kind I drink on a regular basis. Easy to make (arguably easier than American style filtered-pot coffee) and it doesn't have that yellow, sour taste.
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    havanashavanas Posts: 99member
    My friend Tevia has done a comparison on his blog last year:

    Energy Drink Taste-Off

    Also...... a cheaper, slightly different RedBull ( warning...2 bunny hops from adult content :P ):

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    soulcrushersoulcrusher Posts: 587member

    Originally posted by Kenneth

    Talking about Red Bull.. The New York Times discussed about it few days ago.

    Personally, I don't touch those drinks

    Me neither. Who knows how many carcinogens and animal hormones those things have. eew.

    I hate fucknig safari and how slowly itt typertoeruta damna fuck furk gufuck foy ou safari the solwolness is killinfg me damn damn damn. why does this happen?
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    Originally posted by MarcUK

    check this!!!!

    , but oh shit!

    how Onion like!
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member

    A month-long study was conducted, in which no less than two-thousand cases of Red Bull were consumed by Landover Baptist Church Deacons. These Deacons served as volunteer test cases and several of them are now hospitalized with permanent hardening of the penis. Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards, believes their condition resulted from intensive tests where each Deacon was stripped of his clothes and placed in isolation for 72 hours with 200 cans of Red Bull

    200 cans in 72 hours? . . . that's like $250 worth of Red Bull. Sweet.
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