Some pictured of Tiger's Retail Box.



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    Originally posted by BRussell

    BTW, I heard Steve pronounces it "Tigwire."

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    Only with an image of an X emerging from the stripes....
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    Originally posted by Not Unlike Myself

    Only with an image of an X emerging from the stripes....

    that would be very nice, but why do you people care about the box anyways its what's on the inside that counts. didn't you all learn that in grade school or P.E class or when people taught you how to respect women.

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    hack4ev3rhack4ev3r Posts: 118member
    respect womens? why? heheh
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    My work in progress... (link keeps updating as I update the file...)
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    I liked the Tiger illustration so I played around with the colors and came up with this:

    Excuse the file size... I know Apple will never do anything like it, but it was fun playing around with it
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    I took my original and redrew about half of it, here is *my* next to last revision.
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