The single sarin shell.., couldn't Bush do better?



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    Originally posted by NaplesX

    You do know how to start another thread, right?

    Since he had listed all those other things I felt it appropriate.
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    You see it's very interesting the way this progresses. The burden of proof in Iraq is weak, and with such an emphasis on foreign issues, he[Bush] is seen as neglecting the home land.

    It seems that every person I talk to has some hot button issue that Bush is tap-dancing on. Where is this foundation of support (the 45% or whatever) of people who still support him?

    The list of things he has done which meet the political agenda he setup has grown shorter and shorter.

    It seems that 9/11, terrorists, Iraq, Afghanistan, prisoners in Iraq and Cuba, oil prices, civil rights, gay marriage, the tax code, personal privacy, our allies, the environment, minimum wage and a half dozen more things have all been blamed on our caused by Bush. Fairly or not, just about everyone is looking for a Patsy, and he is shaping up to be the best one around. Although I don?t necessarily blame him for all of these things, nor can I hope to hold him responsible for all of them. If the way for our nation to heal is to kick his butt out of office, then start kicking, because I?d like to see some healing.

    When?s the last time you heard good news on TV? I mean *real* good news? Like diseases being cured, old growth forests being saved, of PEACE in the world? When is the last time you heard that gas prices have hit an all time low, that test schools and reading levels at our schools are up? When have you last heard that the streets are safer, and that domestic violence is being reduced? The fact is that with all the bad publicity from the aforementioned issues, even his *good traits* look pathetically pale.

    So until we can get a new slate, I think we are all out of second chances for our commander and chief.
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    Originally posted by giant

    Even Cheney's fed up:

    That's cute.
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    Man this is all too confusing

    Come on you guys stop using big words! Like straw and man.
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