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    Would you buy the Chevy Nomad concept? Stretch it a little, give it 4 proper seats and a 3900. I'd buy it. But you're right, they built the SSR instead.

    Why don't they have something as cool as the new Mini? Or for that matter, why didn't we get something that looked like the Opel Calibra instead of the Chev Cavalier way back when? Why didn't we get something that went like it too?

    Even Chrysler is figuring things out. The new 300 sedans look good for a change. Not really retro, just honest, and playing to their strengths. Rear drive, engine between the front fenders, room for four, good balance, less gimmicky, etc etc... and the crossfire, two good looking cars in two different segments ??? Must be a renaissance!

    Given that stylists and designers do two different things, has GM got any of either in the board room. There have been some pretty concepts over the years, and just about none of them have ever gotten built.
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