Apple Store is pi$$ing me off!



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    [quote]Originally posted by warpd:

    <strong>I placed an order last week for a 17" iMac, and it said 3-4 weeks for shipping. So this morning, I convinced a friend at work to get one too, so we go in online, and it says 1-2 days. I call Apple and say "how come mine was 3-4 weeks" and she says "because you added RAM"

    OK, so I cancel the order, and order an iMac without extra RAM, and she confirms that I am all set for 1-2 days. I check back later in the day, and it is back at 3-4 weeks!!!!

    So now I have waited over a week FOR NOTHING! Some moron at Apple made a typo, which they corrected in a few hours. So now I have the full 3-4 weeks to wait all over again.

    Sorry guys, I need to purge.

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    Having my own problems with the apple store.I just received an email telling me that my BTO 700 MHz Ibook has shipped. When I go to Apple's Order Status page it says that the iBook was sent out on 8/10/02 and gives a FedEx tracking number. Just below this it says the same iBook has been shipped on 8/13/02 and gives a second FedEx number (neither of which are in the FedEx system yet). The sales offices are not open today as they are updating their system. First, does anyone know why there are two iBooks shipping on different dates, and second, how could an iBook already be shipped on 8/13/02 when it's 8/11/02? I'm assuming this is a typo or something??? Everything else (including the invoice they emailed me) is consistent with only one iBook shipping. Want to make sure there aren't 2 iBooks coming! Also, the other items on my order have a check mark (= fully shipped) next to them but the iBoook does not? Yet, I gives the two dates for the iBook shipment. One last thing, the other items on my order were only given 8/10/02 as the shipping date (only the iBook was given two dates). Any ideas please let me know!

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    Well if you called and bitched about it enough say u need/needed to computer for some important reason you probally coulda gotten sumthin free, a discount or overnight shipping...

    My buddy got a free upgrade too the next level of PB G4... and overnight shippin

    Just give 'em hell and don't back down
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    Do ya think it's pointless to hold out for an iBook update? I have an order pending on their website and they call me once a week to try and finish it. (It's kinda cool though getting woken up every saturday morning at 10 am with a woman calling from Apple). Maybe I could try setting my clock by the calls....
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