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I generally prefer my single button mouse even though I'm a power user. But for certain tasks and gaming I need a 3-button mouse. I searched through the archives and didn't easily find a thread about this, so I'm starting one now.

What mice have you tried, what mouse do you prefer, and what mouse do you use? Discussion of alternate input devices is OK.

Generally wireless is convenient but adds additional hassles (weight, batteries, RF versus bluetooth, dongles). Personally, I want an optical mouse with the usual buttons and scroll wheel. In the past I have disliked Microsoft's Intellimouse and tend to prefer Logitech's gear. I don't usually like using 3rd party mouse software and I love Apple's native mouse ballistics. I'll post later about makes and models I've used.

Anyhow, this should get us started. Discuss!

(Here's a bonus question that belongs in Future Hardware... How long till we see Apple Bluetooth Pro Keyboards and Mice, with additional features and a metallic casing?)


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    timmyztimmyz Posts: 2member
    Logitech MX700 all the way! I bought it shortly after they first came out, and haven't regretted it since.

    Surfing, gaming... you name it. Convenient recharging via the RF base.

    I also keep a USB one-button ProMouse (corded) for when I have my PowerBook at the kitchen table or elsewhere besides my desk.

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    Another vote for the MX700. Best mouse ever.
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member

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    voxappsvoxapps Posts: 236member
    I like the Logitech MX300 because it is symmetrical, so it can be used by either a right or left handed person. It's also pretty inexpensive. The MX500 and MX700 are curved in a way that makes use problematic for lefties.

    Logitech's software works well with OS X, too, and has a variety of configuration options for button and scroll wheel functions.
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    ionyzionyz Posts: 491member
    Logitech MX500 w/ USB Overdrive at home, single-button black Apple Pro at the office. Additionally at home I use a huge cloth mat (12" x 16" maybe) and at work an everglide textured hard-plastic pad. Both have their pros and cons and I use both interchangeably. The trick is to ALWAYS use the same keyboard shortcuts. I engage Exposé at home with scroll buttons and at work its F9-11, both places use the same keyboard bind for Exposé.

    I've also looked at Contour Designs and Microsoft offerings because my hands are large and both the MX500 (slightly) and the Apple Pro (Much!) could use a size increase.

    Driver wise I find Kensington the best on OS X, never liked Logitech. Never tried any other mouse on Mac.

    Used a thumb-driven Logitech Trackball before I switched. And I'd like a stylus, although I doubt it will be my pointing device of choice.
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    My MX700 is a reasonably good mouse, but it isn't very good for use with a laptop. You can't use it while on the go. It's hard to transport elsewhere. The cabling sucks for laptop use - the cords from the power block and charging cradle/RF station meet at the USB port. Optimally you'd want the power cord to go from wall to cradle, and a USB cord from cradle to laptop.

    I have considered switching to MX300. It would solve pretty much all my gripes, and I think the shape is better for gaming.

    The MX900 sounds somewhat good, if it can be used without the USB cord (BT mouse via built-in BT + power-only charging cradle). I assume the hideous USB plug contraption would still be there, but at least I could hide it behind the desk. MX900 owners, please chime in and tell us if this is possible.

    Oh yea, the mouse also needs an on/off switch I think.
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    Gon from what I have heard, the only thing you would need the base station for with the MX900 is to charge the mouse. You dont connect the base station to the computer at all (its like using other bluetooth devices). The one drawback is that you cannot program the different buttons on the mouse which is a real downer. Otherwise my vote would have been for the MX900.

    By the way, does anyone know if someone has found a way to program the buttons on the MX900 without using the base station?
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    bborofkabborofka Posts: 230member

    Originally posted by Voxapps

    Logitech's software works well with OS X, too, and has a variety of configuration options for button and scroll wheel functions.

    Logitech's drivers are junk in OS X. They don't support fast user switching, they'll double your speed every time you log out/in, and don't offer any fine tweaking of Apple's horrible cursor acceleration algorithm. That, and they've also been known to corrupt the system mouse preference file, and store every point and click you make to a log file. Just check out what people are saying on VersionTracker.

    My MX500 is OK with USB Overdrive, but the shoddy drivers are really discouraging me from buying another Logitech device again. Kensington, on the other hand, I've heard have excellent drivers.
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    Hello everyone, I recently bought a Logitech MX900 and love it. It works great on my DP 800 quicksilver. I was able to program all of the buttons using USBOverdrive ( I have heard of people using GamePad companion also).

    I am using the bluetooth basestation, however, Panther does not recognize it as a bluetooth device, only as a USB receiver. I am hoping that someone will develop drivers to remedy this problem. I want to sync my Nokia 3660 with my mac, but I don't want to go buy another bluetooth dongle. So far battery life has been good, one charge for ~3days haven't had to recharge it yet.

    Want anymore information?
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    concordconcord Posts: 312member
    My favorite for general usage - the Logitech MX510, the smoothest tracking mouse I've ever used. The MX510 has the best hardware of any mouse AFAIK. It has 8 buttons and fits my hand perfectly (if you're a righty... ).

    For precision Photoshop use I like to use a smaller mouse however. The MS Wheelmouse Optical has long been my favorite here.


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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    MX 700..... !!!

    busy can't type more

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    dale soreldale sorel Posts: 186member

    Originally posted by IonYz

    Logitech MX500 w/ USB Overdrive at home...

    That's what I use and it's a setup that ROCKS
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    mimacmimac Posts: 872member
    Logitech MX500. Excellent control, nice in the hand and good looks.

    Now if only apple could build a mouse like this
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    oldcodger73oldcodger73 Posts: 707member
    I decided to go with a wireless mouse to replace my old Logitech three button corded mouse. After experimenting around at our local Staples store, it came down to Logitech's MX700 or ClicK! Plus. The MX700 was nice but I settled on the Click! Plus as the location of the side buttons fit more naturally with my thumb. The software with it seems to work just fine.

    I'm very happy with it, in fact I bought a second one for my powerbook when I'm using it as a second computer at home.

    On a side note, I found it most convenient to go with a set of four rechargeable batteries, two in the mouse and two fully charged waiting to go in when needed.
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    playmakerplaymaker Posts: 511member
    I used to use the Logitech MX700 and was very pleased with it overall. Then I grew to perfer the split or natural keyboard setup, so I began researching the other options available. As hard as it is to admit I found the option that I'm gonna stick to and would swear by if anyone asked. I bought the Microsoft wireless desktop Pro with the split keyboard. It only comes in black and only has the right handed mouse (just incase this is an issue for a lefty). I absolutely love this setup and have never looked back at my MX700. the only thing I dont like is the F12 lock key that must be pressed everytime I plug my powerbook into the usb hub if I want it to work. Other than that this little set up makes me smile all the time...and it looks great on the desk too.
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    rolandgrolandg Posts: 632member
    Has anyone bought Apple's wireless mouse? How about the MacMice products?
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    Like you, I normally use the Apple Pro Mouse. However, when I need a multi-button scroller, I reach for my IBM 4 Button Optical Navigator . IBM's hardware is very high quality...comparable to Apple's. It used to cost over $80, but as you can see at that link, it's quite reasonable nowadays. It's similar in shape to the Microsoft Mouse, but it is extremely precise as it was designed with architects and/or engineers in mind.
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    cyloncylon Posts: 126member
    I've been using the Logitech MX-500 for the last year and a half. It works great! I especially love the 2 side buttons for going forward and back on web pages. It would be hard to go back to a 1 button mouse.

    On a similar subject, I just got a new 15in powerbook and wouldn't mind picking up a portable mouse for the road. Any recommendations for that?
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Trackball for everything - including gaming.

    Kensington Expert Mouse Pro

    11 buttons and a scroll wheel. Pure happiness.

    Mice suck!

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    ///mee///mee Posts: 2member
    i use one of ms mice, intelli i think, it workd has more than one buttons and contexual menu's are nice.
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