Can't read cd's

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After a repair of disk permissions my icons on the dock disappear(it?s not a big problem) and I can?t read audio cd?s! This last, is a BIG problem for me? The message say: You have inserted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read.

Any tip?

Thanks for your time.



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    costiquecostique Posts: 1,084member
    When such strange things happen, I do 5 things, seeing if it helps in between:

    1. Run fsck -y -f in single-user mode (boot with Command and S keys pressed). Or, better yet, use DiskWarrior.

    2. Repair disk permissions (obviously, you've done it).

    3. Re-install the latest combo-update to Mac OS.

    4. Inspect system.log and console.log.

    5. Pray, do some sacrifices.\
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    Wow, man your drive might be going out.

    Have you tried different media. I know some media do not work on certain models. Apple uses Different optical drives models for each unit. so it might be that the CD-R's that you are using may be difficult for your optical drive to read. Try different media.

    Also cleaning your optical drive may fix it. Get a canned air and let it flow.

    Are you able to boot from CD ??

    What about hard drive corruptions.

    here is another thing to think about. I have notive sometimes CDDB Preferences in your home/library/preferences folder can get corrupted and mimic hard ware issues. try removing it. CD Info.cidb too.

    They will be recreated.

    anyways, yeah also check your logs. I know its a lot to do , but its all a mater of process of ellimination.

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    murdockmurdock Posts: 49member

    Thanks macduneraver!

    The file CD info.cidb was the problem... i have cd1, cd2 and cd3 in the preferences... deleted an cd audio born again in my desktop...


    p.s. - Thank costique toooo....
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