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Is applecare on an ibook really worth it? "I would like to get accident insurance but apple doesn't even offer it. I just wondered others personal experiences.


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    IMO AppleCare is always worth it. It's always served me well in the past, and with a laptop, it's a must.
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    I didnt get it originally on my first mac (G4 Cube) then I moved into a new house and was having electrical problems, which I believe eventually led to my power supply getting fried. I called apple and found out my warranty had just expired and was told my only option was to purchase the apple care warranty if I didnt want to pay for the repairs myself. I complied and bought the apple care, which ended up offering exceptinal technical support later on. I was told where to bring my cube from the apple care rep and was called 2 days later to come pick up my cube which had been flown to cupertino overnight, fixed, tested, and sent back overnight again so I wasnt away from my beloved cube for more than 3 days. I'd reccomend it every time.
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    i had to get a new motherboard for my iBook and the bill would have been $950.
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