Down with the USA!



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    Originally posted by SDW2001

    I really can't stand the NBA. To me, it's the phoniest superstar bullhit laden ML sport. I'd much rather watch Football, which is still a money machine but a little less so. College sports are much more entertaining, IMO.

    bullhit laden? Osama's lesser known third cousin?

    The NFL is a money machine, but it's kept from the players for the most part.

    not only the worst union in sport, maybe the worst union.

    do you the life expectancy of an NFL player is something like 15 years shorter that other athletes.

    I don't know why, i went to a football game once it seemed like they spent a lot of time standing around.

    i agree the average college football contest seems to have a lot more energy.
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    carol acarol a Posts: 1,043member
    Hi guys.

    I don't really watch TV much anymore, so obviously I don't watch sports. I *love* sports of all kinds. But committing three hours to a game - on a regular basis - is way too much time for me. I used to watch play-offs and other crucial games, but I don't even do that now. Okay, maybe a few bowl games, but that's about it.

    I could write a chapter of a book in three hours time. I could write an 'entire' book in one football season....not to mention all the time spent on 'other' sports one could get wrapped-up in.

    Actually, I love 'playing' basketball more than watching it. It just *feels* SO incredibly good. I used to shoot hoops for three hours every night over on the outside courts at the nearby jr. college.

    What I really meant to mention in this post, is that I used to like watching Army-Navy football games, because the rivalry is so intense; and I would think the players would be more inclined to play for the honor of their service, and for the thousands of classmates filling the stands, as opposed to personal glory. Plus, they are into all that 'military discipline' and 'leading as officers' type stuff. I could be completely wrong about that, but that's how I imagine it to be.

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    The NBA is paying a price by trying to keep revenue up after the greats have left the game...They have nobody with any class to count on anymore...The Birds, Magics, and Jordans have left the game and the revenue stream has taken a hit. You get what you can pay for, and unfortunately that ain't much. We are seeing a shift in who watches the NBA and with that a shift in the way the game is played to cater to those viewers. However, to dig on a country because of a capitalist organization such as the NBA is naive and really a fallacy of composition. I am tired of the "Lets all talk smack about the USA because it is the new cool thing" attitude...I understand the resentment, I understand that our current political heads are asses, but to insult the US and me as a result is really quite harsh. We are simply an extension of Europe, that was many of our homes and many of us travel back to our Countries of origin to see our families. I would simply ask that if we are to insult something, then call the individual out in it, not speak as though it is everyone, if it is the NBA, then say it is the NBA not the entire US.

    As for football, I love the way the union and league is...Nobody out of high school can get in and play, you pretty much have to go to college and mature, or wait a period of time before you can tryout. I think that has filtered out a lot of this street ball. Though you do still see it, but you do in any sport really. The reason they have such a short career is because of the rate of impact and the size of the players with wears out tendons and joints. Most other sports have smaller or "regular" or "proportional" players in the league, in football however, these guys are simply massive.

    Well, I guess I said my piece. I am done....
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    I think Matsu's thread title wasn't quite as serious as you may have thought, especially given the post that accompanied it. But yes, I think most of us agree with what you've said.
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