If Apple can make an iMac 2 inches thick...



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    ionyzionyz Posts: 491member

    Originally posted by synp

    The computer I need has no integrated screen, small form factor and only one CPU. Too bad Apple doesn't make one.

    Yup. Thats why I keep my ears to the ground on Cube processor upgrades. Why buy a new machine when it will be a compromise with what I already own?
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,657member

    Originally posted by IonYz

    Yup. Thats why I keep my ears to the ground on Cube processor upgrades. Why buy a new machine when it will be a compromise with what I already own?

    Your market is too small for Apple, the cube was not popular enough, probably because of the price.
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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    Originally posted by THT

    The drives yes. Also, the power supply (which appears to be the thickest component in the iMac G5) which would be replaced by a thin form factor battery, the full size memory DIMMs, the speakers, the capacitors and resistors, the blowers, the heatsink, and probably the optical drives. Virtually everything.

    You included the optical drives twice. No fair.

    The rest - enh. RAM folds down.


    Well, this is where it pays to have good heat transfer and acoustic engineers.

    Like, say, the ones who worked on the iMac?


    Heh, I would have been fine with a low voltage 130 nm 970.

    That's what I was talking about. IBM initially expected to release 0.8v 970fx's — the version IBM used to get those notebook-friendly power figures that were widely quoted around here this past January — but they can't get the chips to run below 1.0v. So right now they're back to square one, trying to fab the 970fx with more sophisticated process tech in order to be able to bring the voltage range back down to the original spec. When they succeed, we'll have a laptop-ready 970fx.

    My point was that IBM expected to ship these things some time ago, and they're still developing them.


    The market exists.

    Of course it exists. The market for Moxie soda exists, too.

    The question is, is it large enough for Apple to target with a dedicated model? They don't seem to think so, and the success of their all-around designs seems to bear out their decision. PowerBook sales have risen steadily and rapidly since the TiBook introduced "sex" (thinness) to the lineup.

    The iMac G5 doesn't satisfy every possible thick-laptop customer, of course, but it does target many of them. I'll bet that the majority of the rest have 2" thick laptops because that's what Dell makes, and they haul the blasted things around because they have to.
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    Originally posted by womblingfree

    More to the point if they can release a 2" iMac then why not make an attractive G5 Tower that doesn't look like a gargantuan kitchen accessory?

    Yes... the PM is kinda... well... not so nice. But i'm really not a big fat of the looks of the new iMac either. I think the badging is huge and gaudy and that it looks like they put Jay Leno's chin on the damn thing. I think they need to get back to the beautiful, industrial design that went into the powerbooks, and the last rendition of the iMac.
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