What would you pay for a Quicksilver 867

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It's not for sale yet, but I am having trouble justifying my Quicksilver now that I have a G4 iBook so I was wondering what you guys think it's worth/ would be willing to pay.

It's a Quicksilver 867 with 512Mb Ram and the 32meg Geforce 2Mx video card as well as a Rage 128 16meg PCI card allowing for up to 3 displays simultaneously (All together that's 1 ADC port, 1 DVI/VGA and 1 VGA.)

It's got a 5400 rpm 40 gig HD. I've added an extra 10/100 ethernet card and a Linksys 802.11g card which OSX recognizes as Airport Extreme. It was an education configuration and lacks L3 cache and a modem. It has an after-market Pioneer DVR-105 superdrive which works fine that I may or may not sell with it. (depending on if it ups the value enough) If not, I'll put the original Sony CD-RW drive back in it. It'll come with the white apple usb keyboard and the original black apple mouse as well as a set of Apple Pro speakers.

So how 'bout it, what would any interested parties be willing to pay for it with Superdrive or CD-RW?


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    >_>>_> Posts: 336member
    Yeesh. I'd pay.. $300 maybe? =\\

    - Xidius
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    tkntkn Posts: 224member
    That is easy, go to lowendmac.com, see what the best deal is and subtract a couple of hundred dollars. That is the most I would pay from some random guy selling his computer versus from a dealer where I would have some recourse if I got screwed.

    Honestly you are better off selling on eBay as people there pay too much for their systems.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    I'd pay up to, but never greater than, $550.

    There's probably a formula for this (MHz divided by years old, divided by 7?)
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member
    Thanks for the replies guys. That's not quite what I was hoping for so I think it'll stay off the market. Thanks though. (I really don't want to let it go anyway, so now I have an excuse.)
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