iTunes Music Store Japan negotiations fall flat



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    Originally posted by kotatsu

    Not all Japanese music is J-Pop. Very narrow minded to say that it is.

    Listen to The Beautiful Green and Mr.Children for a more mature sound. Or Guitar Vader, those guys are great.

    There are also some fantastic soundtrack composers in Japan. Yoko Kanno, Kenji Kawai, and Joe Hisaishi are the equals of any Western classical artists.

    Yup but its tough to win against ignorance or sheer stupidity. All great artists your mentioned. While on the topic of soundtrack composers both Motoi Sakuraba and Nobuo Uematsu also come to mind.

    Sucks they can't work out iTMS in Japan, and that we don't see more Japanese tracks on the US iTMS. \
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    actually i'm not a big fan of any of those japanese bands (they're all pop music, the only difference being that those other bands play their own instruments-kinda like avril lavign no matter how hard she pretends, is always gonna be a pop star), but at the same time, american pop is the worst. afterall, the asian countries get their ideas by trying to mimic the western pop culture, so who's to blame for that? cough* USA *cough. oh well, good music is good music, regardless of where it's from.
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