12" PB battery charge

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I've noticied recently that my PB can't hold half of the charge that it could before, I'm not really sure why....

Before avg = 2.5-3hrs

current avg = 1-1.2hrs

Huge drop!

Is there a reason for this, and is there to fix it?

(I've had the PB for about a year now, so it's not old at all...)


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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    calibrate always. like once every 2 weeks of use.

    i'm paranoid about battereries but that way mine still after 1 y does 4 hours of light use
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    the061the061 Posts: 25member
    Accidentally switched your energy settings?
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    pbpb Posts: 4,255member

    Originally posted by blackwind212

    (I've had the PB for about a year now, so it's not old at all...)

    This doesn't tell much. See here. Perhaps it will answer your question.
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    i get 6hrs out of my ibook when i use it indoor; funny cause i almost made a thread about how i thought i should get more.

    Usage: Word, iTunes, 20% safari/internet

    But this 6 hrs is when i'm at school taking notes and such... nothing too processor intensive.

    One thing that help dramatically is to set your screen brightness; in class i can use it with 'one notch' of brightness..

    I also turn off my airport unless i need internet.

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    so sad that batts will die over time... mine lost about .2 Ah charge capacity over the year... If only they made a fuel cell laptop batt...
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    Turned brightness to the last pip (extremely dim)

    CPU: Reduced

    Programs Running: iChat, Safari

    2hrs battery life.

    it's so sad :-(
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    sounds like you didnt calibrate the battery correctly unless it's just old...
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    nah, I calibrated it a few days ago.
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    i remember hearing that if you have applecare, it should be covered. I am not totally sure about that though

    On another note, i use my PB 12" everyday at school and often times end of inadvertently calibrated the battery because i often run it down until when it shuts off then charge it al the way back up.
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    My batts capacity dropped another .3 ahs.... NEVER EVER EVER LET YOUR BATTERY'S LIFE GO BELOW 10% ... That's how my battery's capacity dropped in the first place, it went from 4.22 to 3.944... and now to 3.60 ... Both times were when I used the battery down to nill. Never happened when I used it down to 50% then charged it up again before using the batts again.
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    is there away to boost it back up? (at least a little)
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    No. You got a dud. So did I man. So did I. And I was FURIOUS that Apple wouldn't cover it within a year. That's a substandard warranty right there. I think 90 days is the limit. My battery is about the same shape as yours. Around 120 days after I bought it, when they first came out (I have the 867mhz Revision A) my battery went from 5 hours to 20 minutes. Turning everything way way down, all Network stuff off, not using the CPU much, I can squeak out 1.5 hours, so I can still use it to take notes in class. I think, but can't remember for sure, that when I installed Panther 10.3, that was when my battery died. HOWEVER, that also coincided with "Battery Update 1.1." Perhaps that is the culprit. Because it was like night and day, first it worked then it didn't. But no amount of software crap, calibrating, holding the button down, yadayada, have fixed it. My friend's PB 12" battery from his new 1ghz PB 12" works fine it it though. I don't know. All I know is I'm pissed I have to cough up another $116 after I already paid $2100 + for it in the first place, and then it took a nosedive in price.
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    Do you have an Apple retail store nearby? About 6 weeks ago the battery in my 12" PB which I purchased in May suddenly started acting strangely. It wouldn't charge all the way up to 100% (only 60% at first and later not even that high). It also would shut off without warning when the battery level indicator reached about 26%. This translated into about 1 hour of battery life, whereas formerly I could get around 4 hours per charge.

    I took my PB into the local Apple store and they quickly agreed to replace the battery. They didn't have one in stock. It took 1 month for them to call me up and tell me that my battery was waiting for me. I hope that the delay was caused by some reengineering on Apple's part. I picked the battery up two nights ago, and now, all is well. I'm a little perturbed that the "Genius" told me that it is considered a repair and not a warranty problem. He said that the new battery will only be covered for 90 days. I disagree, but hope that this battery will work well.

    Others have experienced the same problem. Take a look at the Apple Support forums for more info.
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    Is that 90 days extended with apple care?
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member

    Originally posted by Aquatic

    No. You got a dud. So did I man. So did I. And I was FURIOUS that Apple wouldn't cover it within a year.

    blackwind, you did get a dud. My first battery started losing capacity noticably after only 5-6 months, and within a year it would only hold 15 minutes of charge. I brought it into an Apple Store at 13 months, and was told they would have replaced it within a year - but I had waited a month too long, AppleCare nonwithstanding. I bought a new one, and that one's much better - still going strong after almost a year. So hurry in if you're still under a year. If not, Apple considers it within the normal distribution of battery lives, and you'll have to fork over for a new one.
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    ARRR I can't find the bill anywhere!!

    is there an online database or some where where I can find it??

    I can't belive I lost it!!
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    I get the impression that Apple doesn't give a damn who boutht it. Apple is interested in when the PB was purchased.

    They can scan the PB itself and determine the date of purchase. As long as you are within 1 year, AppleCare coverage applies.

    Good luck.
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    I'll go down there tomorrow and get a new batt.
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    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Got a brand new battery!

    THanks so much guys!

    Purchased Oct 13,2003

    (called just in time!)
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    OMg the new battery goes 5.5 hrs!! it's ridiculous!!!
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