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Hey how are you guys?

I'm a college student and am new to this forum.

After trying out friend's powerbook, I decide to purchase 17 in. Powerbook, but as I skim through some threads regarding "denting" problem of aluminum shell, I feel less attracted by 17 in. Powerbook.

Is the denting problem that serious?

I'm a windows user right now, and I'm really attracted by 17 in. Powerbook. But if the problem is that serious, I wouldn't want to buy plastic iBook. Of course I'm not considering Apple just because of their look, but well, I just don't want to buy iBook.

I need a serious advice.

ps. Also, I'm somewhat worried about this from windows to apple process. please give me some helpful advices


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    awalawal Posts: 66member
    I am also a college student and I bought the 15 incher over the summer. It's been perfect so far but i do have one verrrrrry small dent and a few scratches on the lid. It's really only noticable under a light. I have no idea where it came from but i frequently take it along with me to class in my backpack. If you are that concerned, get a laptop bag. As I see it, laptops are made to be carried around, and the risk of dents and scratches come along with that privilege.

    Anyway, what about the switching process has you worried? You have your MP3's and your word docs, and yes, you can listen to musice AND use word on macs!!!
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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    The aluminums do seem to ding easier then the previous plastic or Titanium versions, just keep it in a sturdy case when you transport it. The one thing of concern in which I am now seeing with the PowerBooks at work and mine is they seem to get warped over time. I believe this is due to continua?s movement of the unit but the aluminum is starting to bend a little. The lid is starting to creak and the palm rest on the left hand side pops up a little. I constantly have to push down on the unit to snap it back in place. Apple notebooks are beautiful to look at and use but they do not last long if you take them with you everywhere.
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    I've had my 17" PB since May this year, and shuttle it to-from work every day. Not a single scratch or dent. Just make sure you get a good bag/backpack (I got the Brenthaven). Great machine, couldn't be happier!
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I've had my 17 pb for over a year and a half now. It goes with me to work everyday and gets lots of use in many different places. No scratches or dents. My old 15 Ti had one dent because of a fall but that did not affect its performance. I had to get a new power adapter because the cable had exposed wire, I guess I was wrapping it too tight. Just make sure that you get a good backpack or carring case. I also use a coolpad.

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    Thanks guys

    Oh by the way, how do I transfer mp3 files to apple powerbook?

    This seems like a very dumb question, but I got my mp3 files in external hard drive (in NTFS), do I simply connect this to the powerbook and be able to use external hard drive?
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