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    Originally posted by Telomar

    Probably just different margin settings on the two computers. I have that problem if I switch between upstairs and downstairs computers.

    yeah, happens all the time even on the same platform

    Since M$ isn't afraid of spilling dialog boxes all the time, here they could provide a good one. On opening a foreign doc a diabox would appear saying:

    margins are different, keep foreign setting or your own, e.g.

    font missing - substitute with what, - choose new font to substitute the missing one.?

    Am i missing something?
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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    A very REAL problem that I have finally discovered with Office is that Powerpoint slideshows can be VERY incompatible from platform to platform, OS to OS....

    A slideshow built in Office 2003, running in XP, stands the very real chance of not displaying properly in any previous version of Windows if you have included any "Exit animations". Same thing for taking a slideshow from the Mac to the PC; slideshows are often "broken". This rampant incompatibility isn't mentioned in any of Microsoft's documentation, you have to bang your head on the desk and start Googling to find out the real deal.

    At some point your boss is going to want to email his presentation to other people, who will undoubtedly be using Windows. Not only does this mean that you can't use Apple's Keynote app, it means that the slideshow that you've built for your boss has to be dead-simple to preserve backwards compatibility for others...

    I'm thinking of moving to Flash for this stuff....
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    I've actually found compatibility much better with office 2004, especially with powerpoint (it used to leave out all of my graphics). Have you tried the newest version?
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