Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger build 8A294 to ADC



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    Originally posted by richard5mith

    Actually it says installing from the image won't work, you need to burn it.

    Hmm.. seemed to work for me. I have two hard drives on my mac.

    BTW anyone know what has happened to support for digitally signing mail in Tiger? I imported my personal email cert but I get no option to digitally sign mail.
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    bigsbigs Posts: 12member

    Originally posted by ic1male

    How? When I run the install program I get a red exclamation mark on the Firewire drive icon.

    Same here when trying to install it on my iPod. I've tried everything but it keeps complaining it cannot boot from my iPod
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    You can't do it on your iPod, Apple wisely chose to disable this option. There are all sorts of problems with running off the iPod. Don't do it, it is a bad idea. I could list a billion reason...
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