crop a jpeg without recompressing?



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    Originally posted by tonton

    Hey, Christina Ricci in cotton skivvs. Nice. Very nice. Who would have thought that little strange looking Wednesday Addams would turn out to be (IMO) the hottest actress on the planet?

    Heh, I dunno... that forehead of hers.... mmmm. :P

    Might I suggest (for celebrity collectors):


    Originally posted by Carson O'Genic

    Now could you make it easy to crop to certian sizes like 4 x 6?

    That's definitely in the pipeline (standard photo size, video sizes, desktop sizes, the works), hopefully I'll have as much free time after the holidays as I've had the last 5 weeks.


    Originally posted by ZO

    Usability wise, its not obvious how to select the cropping "tool"

    colors match perfectly now though...

    Planning on releaseing on VT? Freeware?

    Ah... I'll probably segregate the cropping tools to their own area once I get them working. In the meantime I've made the default crop inset to the jpeg block size (8 or 16-ish pixels in) so its more visible... have also added color hinting.

    JPEGs can have additional data(markers) such as EXIF or text comments or color calibration or image preview, before I was not preserving the markers.... hence the color shift. In some cases it may be preferable to remove the markers... for example if you dont remove the image preview the Finder will display that rather than the new image (in icon view it will show the new as thats generated.)

    Eventually it will be on VersionTracker, most likely for 5-10$ donation-ware (half for me, half for a charity.)



    In case yer keeping score..... this image is being rotated, cropped, and de-saturated without the need to recompress and possibly add jpeg artifacts 8)


    Adds crop inset (may crash on images smaller than 16x16) and crop color hinting and ability to save non-recompressed grayscale images


    If you all don't mind how if performance and on what hardware?

    As far as rotation, crop dragging, imaging scaling, and window resizing go?

    I have my old dual 800 G4 in the other room, but its in the process of getting sold eventually. I'm on a duall 1.8ghz G5 with 128mb 9600 and 2GB ram.... so I have no idea if this would even run on say a G3. I think a G4 should handle it fairly well given sufficient memory.

    Anyways, thanks for the encouragement... definitely makes it easier to plod along.
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    very nice Havanas! great for every webdesigners toolbox.

    If you want, I can make a suggestion for a new icon.
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