Mpeg4 part 10, any testers yet ?



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    Originally posted by BigBlue

    What ??!!

    Well, tastes differ ...

    [OT]: first part i enjoyed quite a bit, despite not really liking the fantasy genre per se, but it was well made, well acted and fun to watch. part two was basically one big battle which annoyed me after the first hour, yet it was so-so ok i guess. now part three was one reactionist piece of shit with no acting involved at all because the editing sucked so much i almost couldn't believe it. this one was definatley rushed which is too sad because it really broke the trilogy for me. however, the fans are going to get the special-über-extravaganza-edition anyway so who gives a fuck anymore.[/OT]

    on the other hand, i know how fucking hard it is to do even a mildly good movie, so kudos to peter jackson.

    back on topic, h.264 is the real deal for the forseeable future i figure. if (big if) the vendors a sensible enough to resist the licensing terms of vc1 (microsoft) which are considerably better than h.264. yet the momentum of the big players (as seen at ibc) tend towards h.264 which is a good thing?.
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