Amazon to launch iPod Store

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Online retailer, Amazon, is preparing to debut a new store focusing on sales of Apple's iPod and related products., a major online retailer and Apple Authorized Reseller, is reportedly in the process or launching an iPod Store that will be accessible in time for the holidays, sources tell AppleInsider.

The store, which will exist as a subdivision of the Web site, is expected to market all flavors of the iPods, in addition to dozens of accessories for both the iPod and iPod mini.

Amazon representatives would not confirm or deny reports of a an impending iPod Store. "Unfortunately, we cannot talk about about what we may or may not do in the future."

Last month, Apple launched its own iPod Store, which offers a full line of iPods and accessories. The store also allows customers to rate and review third party iPod accessories, but displays pre-determined "5 Apple" ratings for all of the company's home-bred products.

Analysts have recently raised their projections for unit sales of Apple's iPods to 3.5 million in the December quarter. Previous AppleInsider reports have revealed that the company may sell nearly 4 million units during the quarter, which would represent a near two-fold increase from the company's previous fiscal quarter.

Update: In wake of the report above, Amazon representatives have now confirmed an Amazon iPod store, supplying AppleInsider with this promotional advertisement and link to the Amazon iPod Store. The online retailer had previously declined to comment on plans for the store, which judging by its lack of accessories listings, is a work in progress.


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    I wonder when Apple will supply AppleInsider with work-in-progress pages from its site
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    I'm completely unimpressed if this represents the design direction for the Amazon "Store". It looks like any plain old category type of page with a badly photoshopped banner of iPods and a four year old Apple logo.

    I was expecting something more akin to Apple's own iPod store (a really well designed splash page with all the iPods featured, leading off to typical Amazon product pages).
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