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    Thanks for the excelent feedback everyone. This little comunity demonstrates the amazing power of the internet. to have this much expertise gathered from around the world, sharing there experience and advice for the love of a product/cause is just amizing.

    Happy Holidays to all!
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    trtamtrtam Posts: 111member
    Doesn't Apple give a software upgrade free (or at least discounted) if you bought a new computer in a specified range of dates?
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    Okay, for those asking for buying advice here it is--In 4-6 months there will always (and I mean always) be something better. Dwelling on the ideal time to make a purchase, or getting angry when something new is released soon after you purchased is simply a waste of time.

    What you do is decided if what you want to do with the hardware is worth the price. If it is, buy what's out there. If not, then don't.

    That being said, I would wait till after MacWorld right now, just to see. But I recently ignored my own advice and bought a 12 inch iBook when I got a good deal on eBay. I only want it to do writing and a little mobile fooling around with GarageBand, so I'm not worried about 3D acceleration or ultra fast speed. For me, it was worth the price to have a small rugged mac.

    I'm a geek. I love to obsess over technology, but trying to outguess everyones release cycles will just drive you crazy, and you'll end up using an old Mac+ while still waiting for that "next" cool release.
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