PCMCIA Firewire and Powerbook G3 (bronze)

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have been doing lots of work on my Powerbook G3 400mhz (bronze kb). So far I have updated the system to 10.2.2, increased the RAM to 512mb and installed a 40gig harddrive. My goal has been to use my computer as a storage spot for all my music. While uploading cds I've realized that my CD-Rom (removable drive) is perilously slow. It rips at about 1.2x speed.

I am wondering about three things... the first, if I were to get a firewire PCMCIA card with firewire (which I intend to do one day for an iPod) will I notice a significant ripping speed with the 24x24x40x cd-rw drive I have for my powerbook G4?

Second, Does an external firewire CD-Rom exist?

Third, can someone recommend a good/solid/reliable Firewire PCMCIA card?



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