OH GOD!!!!! [iWalk]

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Concerning that stamp of an image... where is tha pack of cigarettes and the DELL memos from last time???

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    pb g3pb g3 Posts: 95member
    <a href="http://www.spymac.com/gfx/iWalk_Still_thumb08.jpg"; target="_blank">http://www.spymac.com/gfx/iWalk_Still_thumb08.jpg</a>;


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    tcotco Posts: 87member
    Hmmm... I'll believe it when I see that video... that's a tiny picture.
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    tmatma Posts: 76member
    "Give us one-hour. We'll give you the iWalk (01/02/2002)

    The exclusive video footage of the iWalk, along with detailed pictures, will be online in less than one hour. We are currently updating our server to ensure that it will be able to cope with the heavy traffic. Don't believe us? Here's a sneak peak of one of the thumbs..."

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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    I need to see the movie before I make a decision. That's a pretty lousy screensot.
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    Well, everyone believes it's a hoax (self included), but we'll see.....

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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I'll believe it when I see more of it.
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    tmatma Posts: 76member
    Damn i was gonna hit the sack (considering its 2:50am here) but I need to stay up and get this video now!

    Can't wait! is it real or isn't it!?!
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    Whatever is in that picture is real. Whether it's an iWalk or real Apple product in a different story but that thing is a real thing
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    the funniest part is that it looks NOTHING like the original rendered image. Think they will admit it?

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    that actually looks.... real... HOLY SH!T
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    jrcjrc Posts: 817member
    That reminds me.

    I miss John Denver and that old guy. What was his name? Oh yeah, George Burns.

    Thanks for the flashback to movie making history.
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    johnjohn Posts: 99member
    Wow! A badly doctored photo of a Palm! Amazing!
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    erbiumerbium Posts: 354member
    Well, we'll know soon enough once Apple Legal finds this thread. <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />
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    The first time I saw that web site I thought it was a spoof of rumors sites.

    Are there any past examples of spymac.com coming up with any real "scoops" that didn't turn out to be complete BS? (I'm not saying there haven't been -- I'm actually asking)
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    imacfpimacfp Posts: 750member
    I guess it could be faked but making a video seems like a lot of work. Honestly I'd rather see video of the new iMacs.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    [quote]Originally posted by psantora:

    <strong>the funniest part is that it looks NOTHING like the original rendered image. Think they will admit it?


    It looks like it has a case next to it. It's dark, prob leather, maybe that what someone said and they had an artist put together a iWalk that was dark and textured
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    yah.. spymac is generally a horrible site. But this thing looks kinda real to me, especially with the ipod-style scroll wheel. Maybe its just the tiny picture, but I am eagerly awaiting the movie.
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    jutusjutus Posts: 272member

    If you blow up the photo, the edges around the iWalk thing seem a bit harsh and jagged, Could any photoshop or 3D composite artists weigh in on the likelyhood of this being a doctored vid/pic?

    I'd bet on it being a hoax.
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    When is this hour supposed to expire? We'll see how good those spymac folks are with their iMovie special effects....
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    Didn't SpyMac have a photo of some ugly, lopsided silver thing that they called iWalk and were *so sure* was going to come out when iPod came out?

    Funny how they stick with the same name, but have a totally different picture.

    I think that John hit the nail on the head.

    Feh. This is no more than a quest for hits on their site to secure advertising.

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