To Mac or Not To Mac?

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Hi guys

I'm a PC user shopping for a new computer. With the new mini Mac, I've considered getting a Mac but I'm not ready to jump ship so I'm looking for some guidance . Obviously, Macs are common in the design industry, but I myself am not a designer. Can anyone who's not a designer, preferably is a business major, comment on their Mac experience and compare it to Windows?



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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    STFU and buy one already

    Seriously what apps do you need to run for your "business major" besides Word/Excel/PowerPointless?
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    northgatenorthgate Posts: 4,461member
    I do all the creative in my company on a PowerMac.

    My wife runs the business using Microsoft Office and she keeps our personal accounting using Microsoft Money. Money is not a Mac app. So she uses VirtualPC which runs a Microsoft XP Professional emulator so she can use her Money DB (from back when she used a PC).

    We NEVER feel like we're out of the loop, software wise, by staying 100% Mac. Go for it. At a $500 entry point, what's to lose?
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    Definetly to mac. However, you've come to the wrong forum if you want us to say to not mac. We're a little biased, if you know what I mean.

    Seriously though, if you need a program that is windows only, Virtual PC 7 should be plenty fast to run those programs, like Microsoft Access. Plus if you are a student like me at a the University of Texas, they have Virtual PC 7 with Office 2004 for like $15. Check with your local campus computer store about their price on these items.
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