Apple is reinventing itself. Where do they go from here?



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    Originally posted by Mac Voyer

    As for the living room. I just don't see it. Apple does seem to have at least one core value. Every product they make, with the exception of the iPod and iTunes/iTMS is geared toward enabling the end user's creativity. They have no interest in entertaining the end user. That's what the living room is for. I would even argue that the music initiatives are geared toward creativity in as much as no truly creative person is divorced from music.

    Two things:

    1) iPod/iTunes/iTMS is right now carrying the company.

    2) Steve's other job is delivering that stuff to the living room to cause people turn their brain off.

    If you don't think Steve is working out a way to use Apple to solve Pixars problems and Pixar to solve Apple's, you're insane. We've already seen this in the content space with Pixlet, etc. What about the distribution side?
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