MacMini BTO lowers prices and changes specs

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My god... Apple actually LISTENING to its users for specs... AND lowering prices? I hope whomever it was that first suggested (and then approved) the 470usd for 1GB of RAM upgrade got sacked, tarred, beat and set on fire while dropped down a ravine full of itching thorn bush and ivy. Not to say that 325usd is still insane for 1GB... but anyway...

I think I see a pig flying by my window


Apple lowers BTO pricing on Mac mini

Apple has quietly lowered the price of some of its build-to-order components on the Mac mini as well as offering a faster version of its optical SuperDrive. The Apple Store is now offering the combination Bluetooth/AirPort Extreme upgrade for $100 ($30 drop), while offering the Bluetooth upgrade separately for $50. Apple is also offering 1GB RAM upgrades for $325 ($150 drop) and offering a faster 8x SuperDrive (with both DVD+/-RW functionality) for the same $100 upgrade price as its previous 4x SuperDrive. A hard drive upgrade to 80GB (from 40GB) is now $50 ($40 drop). The estimated ship time on BTO and standard configuration Mac minis is 3-4 weeks.


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    Wow, those are some nice price drops!! IRT the 1GB ram stick, Crucial wants $226 for one. Did I mention that was Crucial RAM?
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    Yeah but it's not "Apple tested".

    Anyhow this is still incredible news. Well, for Apple. They really really need to get with the program and have more frequent price drops.
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