I'm In Deep **** Thanks Iphoto 5

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I am a trustworthy mac user , had a powerbook g4 for over a year now really liked until tonight, when it just nackerd me truely. Im a graphic design student and i use a lot of photos, i got the new iphoto5 quite liked it too then it DECIDED to DELETE my photos, im at a loss please someone help me I need them back where are they they must be hidden or something. ive got too many photos to lose



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    You did check your "Pictures" Folder in Finder, didn't you? If the photos vanish in iPhoto they might very well still be on your hard drive...
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    That's #1. #2 is to get them off your backup.

    #3 is to try a data recovery tool or service if they're actually gone.

    A good general rule is: never upgrade an app that can screw with your data without backing up that data first. \
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    i did check the actual folders they are gone, and I didnt think to back them up when i put the new version of Iphoto5 i thought it wouldnt delete my photos did I, I mean it doesnt say on the front of the box please back up all your saved photos just in case you new software decides with its AI to erase them.

    THere must be some course of action I can take, whats the data recovery thing is it like windows where you can go back to a previous date???
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    No, you need to stop using the computer like, now, and then run a tool on it to recover deleted files. The virtual memory of MacOS X can overwrite the previously used space in a heartbeat. DiskWarrior is an app that can help, others may have other suggestions.

    I'm paranoid*, any application can have bugs, and can wipe out my data. Anytime I upgrade an app I make sure I backup the application *and* my data, then upgrade, then test, then delete the old application only after I've convinced myself everything is good. Same goes for system updates.

    Check the Trash, also.

    *Not just me - the Read Before Installing iPhoto file that is on the installation disc includes:


    Before installing, it's recommended that you make a backup copy of your iPhoto library folder, which is located in your Pictures folder.

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    if this problem was iPhoto's fault, there would be way more instances of it. I know lots of people with it and having heard anything like this. It jsut seems liks a photo library is something too big for some random bug to delete.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    I just reread your first post more carefully - did the photos disappear during the upgrade, or sometime later? Any problems I've seen so far have been during the upgrade, apparently due to permissions problems in the iPhoto Photos folder. Haven't heard of anyone having it delete their entire library at some random later date...
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    I guess everyone who answered is right.

    One more thing maybe. Maybe.

    What about starting iPhoto WHILE holding

    the ALT key. This forces iPhoto to

    rebuild the iPhoto library.

    At least this took some headache off at me.

    good look er ...luck
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    Nope they are gone, yeah it happend after i changed i was viewing the photos yesterday morning but then in the evening vamooosh! anyway two of my friends I know at university have had there libraries disapeer on them too. maybe this is just an english problem????
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    something wondeful happend,

    It all appeared back just oppend it and they have gone back to there old place


    thanks everyone,

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    Originally posted by dkhazenirad

    Nope they are gone,


    maybe this is just an english problem????

    No, i don't think so





    Yes, i do think so too
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    Is it this?


    iPhoto 5 bug about losing iPhoto 4 created folders...


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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,657member
    not having iPhoto 5 I cannot verify this, but there is an update for iPhoto (according to MacRumors) iPhoto 5.0.1 is out and can be accessed via Software update - probably recommended for those not having lost their photos, well and those who have as well!!
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