Official Motorola iTunes phone still under wraps

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True to our concealed speculation, and hence the lack of front page news coverage, the Motorola E1060 mobile phone shown by the company at this week?s 3GSM conference is not its official iTunes-enabled cellular phone. In an e-mail to MobileTracker on Wednesday, a Motorola spokesmen said the E1060 was used to demonstrate iTunes client, but it is not the company's official iTunes product. "In an Apple-like fashion, Motorola is keeping the first iTunes enabled phone under very close wraps. While Motorola wanted to show off the software, it appears the company wanted to keep the device secret." The mobile site notes that the CTIA Wireless 2005 conference, which is slated to take place March 14-16th in New Orleans, would serve as a more likely announcement date for the official phone. This is the second time that Motorola has demonstrated a new model mobile phone with an embedded iTunes client, causing enough confusion that several mainstream publications, including Reuters, seems to be stumbling on accuracy when reporting on the subject.


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    One has to wonder what is holding the release back so long and why the iTunes client will not be put on all of Motorola's phones...

    ... is known whether this is a Java ME software or a custom (properiatory) Motorola OS app?
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member
    I really want an iPod phone of some sort. Each morning I fill my pockets - wallet, keys&change, badge for work, and cell phone (no room for the iPod).

    If SE came out with a version of the 910a that included the functions of a 5 GB iPod, that would be ideal for me.
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    One has to wonder why Appleinsider doesn't post this crap in the existing threads on the subject?
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    Because it's a Back Page item just posted. The forums don't take the place of AI news/rumor stories.
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    The secrecy really has me thinking this will be a Jon ives designed phone with promenent Apple associations.

    I picture white, slim form factor well designed. It would stand out being white alone and carry the iPod associations.

    I am getting excited.
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    ~ufo~~ufo~ Posts: 245member
    I doubt whether Apple would let their chief designer design a product for another company..... if they would, it would likely have the Apple logo on it, right ?
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    vinney57vinney57 Posts: 1,162member
    Truth is, there are a thousand phones out there and they pretty well all look disgusting and have nightmare OS's. The iPod phenomenum has changed everything and if Apple/Motorola were to emerge with an iPod like phone with limited but super easy OS... I think it would tip the market upside down overnight.
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    ...causing enough confusion that several mainstream publications, including Reuters, seems to be stumbling on accuracy when reporting on the subject.

    Reuters stumbling on accuracy?....No, never...pffff!
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