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I want to swich to apple and want a notebook. I will be using my notebook for studioMX which I will buy once I get a apple. I would like to spend around $500 but I see the new ibook G4 is around a $1000. I'm no mac expert but just want to think different so all you mac experts help me find the best machine for my money for what I want


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    well if you only have 500 bucks you're only choice for a new machine is the mac mini, but only having 256MB ram is a bit weak. honestly, $1000 for a nice laptop isnt that bad. i'm not saying its chump change b/c i dont have that much money either, but buying a computer is something i expect to save and pay for with more than just a couple paychecks.
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    well it does not have to be new. I see some G3 laptops on ebay for around 500 but the ram would need upgradeing not sure how G3's are now for todays standards. If theres a site that has G4's cheap then 999 then please post but Ive had no luck finding any
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    r00dr00d Posts: 14member
    no more input ?
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    Cheapest new G4 iBook that I'm aware of:

    Last generation 1 GHz G4 iBook model, $799:


    No clue on how much the G3 models are going for, though I'd suggest seeing if you can up your range closer to a new/used G4 model.
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    r00dr00d Posts: 14member
    yeah I just found that site also and that is the cheapest price yet. G3s ive been been around 500 but buy the time you upgrade it you can buy a G4 almost so im better off saving up for that $800 one. Anyone ever bought anything off this site before http://microcenter.com ?
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    After rebate, Amazon has the current iBook for $899! If you qualify for their card, you can get another $30 off.

    Plus, if you register with the same as your store account ID and use A9.com (search engine), you can earn another 1.5 percent off after a few days.
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    wish newegg had ibooks
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    I bought mine from MicroCenter for $799 as posted above. I figured I would not likely see a price like that for NEW iBook for quite a while, so I bought it. Fortunately, the store is 20-30 minutes away from my house. AFAIK, there aren't that many MicroCenters out there, but I think they do offer free shipping. They seem like a reputable retailer (in case you were worried about that), and they have nice store to browse, too.
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    yes that is the cheapest place and I'm saving up for it wish I could just pay 800 right out but house payments hold you back
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    Well, hopefully MicroCenter keeps that price long enough for you. They've been this price for about a month, so I'm guessing they're just getting rid of the remaining 1.0ghz models to make room for the 1.2s.
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    I was in the same position as the OP, except no games.

    I chose the PB, y?

    faster, which will ensure it lasting longer.

    More memory is something i plan on adding anyway later on to the PB in about 6-8 months after i find a good deal

    i wanted a superdrive

    better video card

    The last 2 things you can't really improve/add onto later on down the road, plus it just has a better build. Go w/ the PB, you won't regret it.
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