Merrill Lynch projects shipments of 4 million iPods



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    Originally posted by MacCrazy

    And Microsoft is doing badly. Apple need to worry but they don' want to go over, that's fair enough. but they can't just say the customers don't matter. They've got to improve the features so people wont buy another MP3 player.

    That is so true. As an Apple fan, I was a little dissapointed when I saw that some Wintel users (like my brother) could point out how other players were a better fit than the mini (at least back then) since it included an FM tunner, easy-to-swap, replaceable batteries, being able to record voice memos without any ad-ons, being able to record from the airwaves, etc.

    They've got to keep improving the 'pods because some people get lured away when they see the "have nots" of the iPod line.

    I'd still get an iPod over any other player anyway, but that's just because I'm a mac loyalist.
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