First Canadian Apple Store to open May 21st

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Canada's first Apple Store is scheduled to open for business on May 21st, 2005, tipsters have informed AppleInsider. The store will be located at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, Canada. AppleInsider first reported on Apple's interest in opening a store at the mall back in February of 2004, and in October confirmed that a leasing agreement had been drawn. A month later Apple officially confirmed that a lease had been signed. According to internal company documents obtained by AppleInsider, Apple will open at least four retail stores in Canada, and had previously planned to do so by 2005. Tipsters said the Yorkdale store will open in the existing section of the mall, and not the expansion area still under construction.


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    Screw Toronto. Ok not really, I grew up there (Kensington market for anyone who knows the area) and I love it dearly but...

    Toronto has a bunch of Mac stores. Carbon Computing down on Queen and Broadview. North Star just off Bay Street a block north of Dundas. That place at Spadina and College near Massimo's (Pizza place, top 5 in the city) whose name I never remember, but they always have stock - they had iPod mini's from launch and were never out of stock... unlike say everybody else in the frickin' GTA.

    And a whole bunch more I'm forgetting.

    Montreal on the other (where I now live for school) has NO Mac stores. The last one closed a few months ago. Montreal needs Macs too. Of course half the people on my campus seem to have Macs, but that's because our campus computer store is ~80% Apple which is nice.

    Anyway, more Apple stores in Canada.

    And in Toronto at least stick one down by Queen and Spadina. Traffic is sick. Exposure is awesome.
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    Like you said, a lot of stores in the downtown, which I think why Apple is playing it safe in Yorkdale. A shopping experience for Mr & Mrs Suburbia with plenty of parking. Being close to the major highway arteries of the 401 and 400 makes it easy for everyone to get there.

    Any specific suggestions for a location in Montreal?

    I wonder what type of signage problems Apple would have with a store in Montreal? Would a French version of the logo have to be a certain percentage bigger? Would they have to start calling them Pomme?

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    Yeah Yorkdale is safe and upscale (moreso then the other proposed location in the Eaton Centre), plus with its own subway stop, and bus terminal in addition to the highways it's not like it's hard to get there.

    Locations in Montreal. Hmmmm.

    Somewhere in the Underground would be nice from a convenience stand-point but visibility sucks, all fairly small corridors. The Eaton Centre has a very vertical layout, so maybe if they could get two floors it would be nice, but again much more cramped then say the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

    Ste. Catherine is the largest shopping street in the world, so a location along it somewhere (probably near the Paramount movie theatre as that seems like the hippest district - lots of trendy clothing stores, Chapters, etc?) would probably be another good one.

    No idea what Apple would have to do, probably just follow the fascist language laws (English must be no bigger then 50% of the French, and yes there are police that enforce this). With that and I few other things I feel like I'm living in some weird blend, like a democratic police state.

    Logo's a logo I would think, and Pomme seems particularly far fetched
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