Construction begins on Midtown Manhattan Apple retail store

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Construction on Apple's second Manhattan retail store is now underway according to tips from reliable sources.

News of the construction efforts around General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue were also echoed in a NY Times article this morning. In the article, The Times also confirmed specifics of the exterior design of the location, including the Louvre-like glass cube, first detailed in an AppleInsider report last January.

"By fall, a glass cube 32 by 32 by 32 feet will be set like a jumbo gemstone into the middle of the plaza of the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue," said the major New York publication. "From the outside, the cube will appear empty. But inside will be a circular glass stairway and a cylindrical elevator leading to a 25,000-square-foot underground space."

The transparent structure, made entirely of glass, will usher visitors to what is rumored to become Apple Computer's most elegant flagship retail store to date. Additionally, the plaza at the base of the GM building will be completely re-landscaped. Two pools will flank the cube, surrounded by movable chairs, tables, planters and a half-dozen honey locust trees, The Times said.

This latest news comes just weeks after sources reported that Apple had secured a lease for a third Manhattan retail store. Unlike its SoHo store and the one planned for the underground concourse of the GM building, Apple's third store will be much smaller -- around 2,000 square feet.

According to Apple documents, the third retail store is destined for Manhattan's Flatiron district, near the Flatiron building at 22nd and Broadway. However, AppleInsider has been unable to rule out reports that the lease was actually inked for a location closer to Chelsea, at West 17th and 8th Ave.

Apple's initial retail plan for Manhattan called for three stores, AppleInsider believes. But a city with a population of over 8 million residents may demand at least one more. That's why the Mac maker is believed to be scouting yet another location in Manhattan's Upper West Side near 84th and Broadway. To date, there is no word on a lease signing for this location.


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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    sorry to be redundant but this is the same story as previously reported in the other thread about the elegant midtown manhattan store including pictures and even the same link as this story.... sorry guys but you are behind the curve on this one....

    The only thing new here is the dirt on the street....

    please follow this link....

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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    This post compare to the one of a month+ ago is like night and day. One was a rumor, this is basically spelling it out for us.

    Anyway, awesome!!!!

    I love NY!
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    sayheysayhey Posts: 49member
    My question is why does AppleInsider think that NYC will be limited to four stores? I can see why four stores in Manhattan perhaps, but what of the four other boroughs? Are there no suitable locations for regular sized stores in Brooklyn or Queens, for example?

    By the way, the Upper West Side location was long ago reported by Gary over at ifoAppleStore; it would be a good idea to give him credit, as he does you guys when you break the story.
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    bwhalerbwhaler Posts: 260member
    This is one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen. It'll be a destination.
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    OK, I want the elevator to be all-glass including glass gears and mechanism, lifted by a glass hydraulic piston full of clear fluid
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    denmarudenmaru Posts: 208member
    I think the Apple Logo is missing - it should be in front of the glass :3
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    Here is the link for better renderings from the Owner of the space:
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    21122112 Posts: 36member
    I would love a store here on the Upper West Side, and to be accurate, Lincoln Center is actually 64 - 66th & Broadway, not 84th.
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    Great link! The close-ups give a better feel for the transparency of the cube and pools. Very cool design. Thanks.

    But where's the Apple logo?
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member

    Originally posted by 2112

    I would love a store here on the Upper West Side, and to be accurate, Lincoln Center is actually 64 - 66th & Broadway, not 84th.

    Dude, walk across the park. It is less than 1.5 miles to the GM building from the 80's W.
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    tednditedndi Posts: 1,921member
    I wonder if the flatiron store is included in the lease package for the GM store?
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    pookjppookjp Posts: 280member
    Women in skirts are going to love this one...
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