What are the best headphones to buy?



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    c2poonc2poon Posts: 38member
    I have been looking closely at Sennheiser and Grado headphones. My heart was set on a pair of Grado sr-60s. I tried a pair on at a store and the sound quality blew my pants off! The big issue is how over-priced they are here in Canada. The store was selling them for $150. I heard Grado doesn't like selling their prodcuts to a number of countries for some reason. It's too bad, I think they are real retro cooL!

    Instead, I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 437s. I'm going to try them out for a couple weeks. If I change my mind, I'm going to return them to Future Shop. Despite its geeky looks, they're really comfortable and the sound quality is very nice. The bass is solid. But they certainly didn't "wow" me the way the Grados did.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.
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    sopphodesopphode Posts: 135member
    I was close to getting a Grado SR-60 as well, but the ridiculous prizes here in Norway really put me off (it's about $220 here)

    Instead I opted for a Sennheiser HD-595, which I'm ultra happy with. It's even great with the iPod since it's just 50ohm.
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