Motorola cites Apple for iTunes phone no-show

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Motorola failed to unveil mobile phones designed to work with Apple's iTunes digital music service at the CeBIT conference this week because of the pair's differing approach to launching new products, executives from Motorola told Reuters. Motorola said it tends to display its products to the general public before they go on the market but Apple's Chief Executive Steve Jobs does not. "The first thing you're seeing here is a merger of two different industries with different ideas of launching products," said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola's mobile phone division, during a news conference at the CTIA U.S. wireless show in New Orleans. "Steve's perspective is that you launch a product on Sunday and sell it on Monday." Garriques said his company is on schedule to deliver two iTunes-compatible phones this year; one coming on the market in the first half of the year and another in the second half. He also downplayed rumors that the reason Motorola did not unveil the phones at CeBIT was because of a disagreement with mobile phone carriers. "I've got lots of carriers fighting to be the first one we go with," Garriques said.


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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    "Steve's perspective is that you launch a product on Sunday and sell it on Monday."

    No, actually... this is not Steve's perspective
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    screedscreed Posts: 1,077member
    It depends on the product.

    Either launch it at 12pm and sell it at 1:30pm

    or launch it in Spring and ship it in late Summer.

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,294member


    Steve's approach is to announce on Sunday...ship a few units on monday and send out press release and then backorder the rest.
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    This one had me scratching my head, too. Garriques must not really pay attention to Apple's marketing strategy.

    And, let's clean this up a bit...

    Steve's approach is to announce on Sunday, ship a few units on Monday, backorder the rest, and, if anyone else announced the product on Saturday, unleash the lawyers.
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    announce on sunday... sell on monday, but dont except to see your item for at least 3 months!

    at least a month more wait on BTO mac minis :/ (sorry OT, but its a sore subject)
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    Motorola's version is announce it in Q1 2003 and finally get it out to market in Q3 2004 after everyone's already tired of hearing about it.
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