Apple to design better Mac OS X OpenGL



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    Originally posted by BigBlue

    At the same time, Unreal Tournament 2004 runs blistering fast on my 2x2.7. So it can be done. Why not Doom ? Or Halo ?

    Because UT2k4 barely uses your graphics card, unless you're driving it at 1600*1200+ with antialiasing. And even then, your graphics card can more than handle the game. Halo and Doom 3, on the other hand, actually use shaders and visual effects that tax OpenGL.
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    You know, it's been almost two years since I emailed a Maxxon rep' about those appalling initial Cinbench Open GL scores...

    ...and guess what? Apple's Open GL (least according to Doom 3 benches...) implementation STILL sucks!

    At least Apple (I'm reading into the above...) are aware of it. But the reply I had from Maxxon indicated a 'drip, drip, drip...' effect from Apple ie that maybe resources were limited and thus Open GLs progress was s-l-o-w!

    The good news? Well, the early X-Bench scores on the Pentium 4 Developer machines not only have Safari HTML rendering with 'Snap' TM, but that Open GL scores pan the dual PowerMacs...?!

    As to whether Open GL 2 is around? Last I heard the 'Committee' on GL 2 was had just about finalized the feature set? That was sometime ago...and I thought it would have made the cut for Tiger. But it seems not.

    So, we can look to improved GL performance with the arrival of Cheetah, Open GL2, Intel CPUs and the addition of a crack squad of 1 gl developer at Apple (re the above ad'...)

    Does that mean Apple goes 'little endian' ala PCs? But they're still going to have to have 'Intel' CPU drivers re: Open GL? But if they've had Intel 'X' for 5 years...then I'd have thought even a mediocre GL driver set would be ready to go...especially given the 'Click the little check box' that seems to have most 'modern apps' ready in 10 minutes...

    Open GL is the last(?) competitior to DX. Competition is healthy. (Although I hear of a new API from Power VR that apparently blows DX and GL out the water for mobile 3D...y'know, those guys with their 'tiling' tech'? Read about that recently...)

    Quake 3 benches can hang with some top PC benches suggesting more was put into that X port than the Doom 3 one. But it may be much to do with a lagging feature ala GL 1 vs DX which is on number 9 now? (What's alarming is that M$ holds some patents on GL? Shame Apple didn't buy them from Sgi when they had the chance...along with Maya...)

    Gaming on the Mac is better than it ever has been. But GL still sucks when you're 50-100% down on competitive platforms... And the ubiquitous nature of 3D is only set to accelerate. Time to get yer ass into gear Apple. (They're leading in shifting OS 'fluff' to the Graphics aint all bad...)

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    I guess it's pretty annoying when you've had to purhcase a pm2.5, which runs like a dream- tho gaming is just okay THIS GEN- how is it going to hold up when the round of 'next gen' games start arriving?

    The slow development and support of GL and the switch to Intel has left gaming on the mac in limbo.

    Sure theres more to life than gaming, but you'd expect a top of the line computer to kick ass in all facets of software & hardware.

    And not long ago IDsoftware were pumped about gaming on OSX. sigh.

    PS- Do nintendo and sony use openGL?
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    Adding fuel to the fire. Especially if Apple starts making graphically intensive mobile hardware...

    Yeesh, asides from that. Hey, how about 'Kickaha' providing some 'Really Fast Typing Smackdown' on Apple's Open GL? And where it's going? Open GL2?

    And will the stuff in the link be...erm...supported in Leopard? (Considering the array of mobile Intel hardware that the Intel switch opens up?)

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    "Apple to make Open GL totally ROCK!!!!!"

    I hope so.

    I just thought, we have Core Image for 2D, Core Video for 3D. Why not a Core 3D featuring Open GL2 with scaleability for iPods future 'tablet' devices etc.

    If Apple could lift Open GL ahead of Direct X in the same way they've sawn the legs off Adobe's Premiere with Final Cut/Motion using Core Video...then the job advert would be an exciting indicator.

    Certainly, just having parity would be exciting...

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    Originally posted by Lemon Bon Bon

    for Tiger. But it seems not.

    So, we can look to improved GL performance with the arrival of Cheetah, Open GL2, Intel CPUs and the addition of a crack squad of 1 gl developer at Apple (re the above ad'...)

    Cheetah? Qué?
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    Sorry, LEOPARD!

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