presidency: george bush or john wayne???

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Ive been pondering over the course of bush's last 4yrs and to continue.... that hes made a lot of mistakes and dumb decisions since he came to office... kind of not doing a great job... and i never liked bush... and from what i heard, he kind of diminished research and developement in the science and technology fields...

so i was thinking to myself over the course of the last 4 or 5 years of how much good compared to all the very big UGHs that has happenend and wondered who would make the better president...... John Wayne or George Bush??? as i surveyed around on my own, in school, online, ect.. I have gotten more people sayin John Wayne... interesting how more people woiuld vote for a western actor the bush, huh? but then again... theres soo many people out there who think similiary to the topic...


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    I have no idea what to do with this thread. It doesn't make any sense, so is it actual political discussion?

    Until then, I think there's only one vote.


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    Originally posted by ragingloogie

    interesting how more people woiuld vote for a western actor the bush, huh?

    Where have I heard this before?
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    if you think about it... prolly is a political discussion and i tried moving it to htere but wasnt happening for me so i figured the admins do that.. i'd appreciate it if it was moved..

    as for the other reply from tht... i dunno where youve heard it before b/c its unfamililar to me.....:-\\
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    I was going to move it. Then I decided that it was completely worthless. So I'm going to lock it instead.
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