Speed difference between 867 PB and 1Ghz PB?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014

This is my first post on this forum.

I just bought an 867 Mhz 15 inch powerbook and I'm really diggin' it. I got a good deal through the local school bookstore on this one and figured it was all good for the money I paid.

I am wondering though, how much of a difference you might notice in the 1 Ghz model when it comes to speed. Is it much faster? From what I can tell, the only things I can't upgrade in the one I got are the processor and the video card. So when I'm ready I can go up in RAM, add an Airport card, get a bigger hard drive etc. I just can't get a faster processor or video card for this thing, right? So am I missing out or is the difference too minute to notice?

Thanks in advance...


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