Worth upgrading to new Powermacs?



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    Originally posted by mediajediHD

    I have a feeling that the dual core machines will arrive at around 3.0GHZ (IBM has a lot of experience with multi-core chips) sometime in the early fall complete with PCIExpress and some other improvements (maybe a new case).

    They have a lot of experience with "big iron" server cpus (Power4, Power5) that run at lower clock rates, and have big, expensive cooling systems. Physics is physics. The problems will be dealt with, but Apple (who are ingenious with cooling techniques) has to resort to a liquid-cooling cludge to keep a single core 2.7 970fx cool enough. If we get a Dual Dual-core (Quad) 970MP based machine, you can bet it won't debut at 3.0 GHz; 2.5 GHz is probably the best anyone can hope for.

    I'm guessing that we got this update so close to WWDC because Apple wanted to quash rumors that a 970MP-based would be released there. (It may be discussed, but I'm honestly ignorant of the differences if any between programming for dual CPUs vs. a dual-core CPU.)

    You're probably right that we won't see a dual-core PMac until fall, but it won't be a higher clocked chip than the 970FX.
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    In case anyone has been losing sleep wondering what I decided to do, I am going to go ahead and get the dual 2.7 g5. I need the power now and would rather let them work out the kinks on the dual core before I make the jump. Seems like audio hardware and software takes a while to follow these jumps with drivers etc so I don't want to keep waiting. Gonna make the jump to G5 now on a system that I know works with what I need to use it with. Make a nice clean start with Tiger. Thanks for your help.
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