Very Angry ... Did not recieve Tiger today



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    Ok, apparently FedEx was taken over by the Federal Government. I called back at 6pm and was told that drivers would be out until 8pm. Well it's 8:26pm and when I call I even offer to meet up with the driver. I am told they have no way of contacting the drivers and I am probably out of luck till monday. I leave at 6am for NY on Monday for 2 weeks!!! My Tiger shipment has been about 20 miles from me since 6am and I am going to have to wait for days! It is going to have to go back to Apple and then to me in NY... Hell Longhorn will be out by the time I get it! Or at least OS 10.4.2!!! Aaaargh!
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    wgauvinwgauvin Posts: 100member
    I'm still waiting for my PowerBook to arrive, and I'm sure that is going to have Panther and then I have to wait for Tiger to be sent (using the $14.95AU upgrade for new macs). I can wait, no use stressing over a few days late.
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    bobo28bobo28 Posts: 59member
    I went through the whole "It will get there today thing from Apple and FedEx: Again! Except this time, at least I didn't believe them. This time Apple had a new twist, they told me to wait until 9:00pm eastern time. They closed at

    6:00pm central time ! No one to talk to ! FedEx says it's all Apple's fault. They can't tell me why a Middletown, Pa. - Philadelphia, Pa., shipment had to go to Newark, NJ, ? ( By the way it is still somewhere between Phila. and Newark, because FedEx says it's not in Phila yet , so I can't pick it up myself) I don't know about all of you, but this really bothers me. Not because I have to wait, there are always screw ups, thats life. But two days of out and out lies, two Fortune 100 Companies finger pointing like a couple getting Divorced. Bottom line: Apple made a promise, intentionally sabotaged their promise by shipping a package promised for April 29th, via two day service on April 28th. They lied about its delivery on the 29th, they called FedEx liars and FedEx called them liars (FedEx was right). Apple refused an opportunity to make it right on Friday, when I went to the King of Prussia Apple Store and asked the Manager for a copy of Tiger, She tried to get authorization from Apple CS, who refused , insisting I would get a package, that is still not in Phila, by 9:00pm. Apple also refused the same offer today, (I would have went back to King of Prussia) once again insisting I would get it by 9:00pm. Apple has always been a pretty "Stand Up" company. What is going on?

    I already have have iWork, iLife, QT 7 Pro, .Mac. I don't need or want Garageband: whatever. Is 2 days of lies, etc, and the significant loss of faith by a loyal original Mac 512K owner ( and an awful lot of Macs in between), worth $30.00 worth of software? ( I hear they won't give you a credit, you have to pick $30.00 software) I guess giving me something I need would help a lot to restore my faith that the "good guys" were back in charge at the Apple Store. But all I need is maybe an Airport Express or an iSight, and it goes up from there. But then again , these two days of complete BS from Apple ( I guess I don't expect much from FedEx, after they screwed the guy from the plane crash). I guess I had more faith in them then I realized. Plus they'll never give me an Airport Express , etc. I've been through so many Apple OS's, this Just Sucks!, for the begining of what looks by far, to be the very best of them all! Maybe my faith will be restored and I'll forget all about this by Monday at 4:30? . . . nah!

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    greggwsmithgreggwsmith Posts: 523member
    My faith in Apple was damaged last month when I was less than a week out of warranty my ipod mini and it went bad. Apple offered to fix it for more than a new one!!! Then these lies about where my shipment is. I leave for NY at 6am tomorrow. That means my wife is going to have to turn around and ship it to me. This is total crap. Yeah I get a free copy of iWork but from what I hear, a blank cd for some MS Documents would be more valuable. Oh, one other thing. When I first got my 12inch 1.33 PB, the #1 recovery disk was missing so I called apple for one. The sent me one but it looks like someone made it at their desk and all the info is in French!!!!!
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