Apple MUST create a PDA-iPod-Phone device to survive.



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    Originally posted by lungaretta

    Actually now I come to think about it, the inclusion of J2ME in Xcode smells very much like they may put a jvm in the ipod and let 3rd party developers make java apps that run on them. This will be a boon for the ipod, a new revenue source for developers and all run safely within the java sandbox so there'll be no security compromise wrt DRM etc.

    Originally posted by Amorph

    That's exactly what I was thinking.

    VERY NICE !!!
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    Ok, so now that OS X runs on Intel, will we see a version of Mobile OS X?
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    One of the most cogent things that I have heard this past week of hyperbole is the Wimax theory. In this scenario Apple stores act as WiMax nodes for a variety of .mac services including VoIP. Intel has the chips apple has the real estate and in major cities multiple sites.

    Perhaps one does not need the cell phone market after all.
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