iPod photo update to deliver new transitions, Tetris



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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    It's all a fake I fear. Images made and uploaded to the iPod. But it was more fun than many fakes out there


    1. As johnhancockII pointed out at MacRumors, you can see the dock and charging cable in the background... yet the icon on the screen shows it as plugged in.

    2. On my iPod Photo's "About" screen, the text on the left is NOT bolded. It looks the same as the numbers on the right. (Even when I set to German.) "Uber" is correct, and SN instead of S/N is correct. but the bolding seen in the photos is not.

    Yes, he could have two charging cables, and Apple could have added the bold... but Occam's Razor suggests not.
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    jaredjared Posts: 639member
    The more important question here is why is Apple just updating the software?

    Is there a new iPod this will come on? Or is Apple just being nice to their loyal customers and giving them a free feature update? (I know all the updates are free anyway but they typically accompany a hardware update as well)
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    louzerlouzer Posts: 1,054member
    Well, they're fake as can be. Proof?

    First, look at that guy's fingernails. You think Apple would trust an iPod update to guy like that? Ugh! Hey dude, how about a little personal hygiene!

    Second, the pictures are obvious fakes. If you look at them in the correct light, you'll see they've got "www.appleinsider.com" written all over them. Unless the new iPod also has some type of projector that is advertising this web site, it would indicate someone doctored the photos (and did a poor job of it).

    Third, its all in German. Wasn't it a German who touted the iWalk years ago, with pictures and everything? Ha! Can't trust those German rumors! Almost as bad as those French rumors.

    Fourth, (and the least important) look at the first picture. Now look at picture 6. Picture 6 has the same square placement as the first, except for the bottom row. But how in the hell did he clear out the bottom row??? There's no way, in the game he's playing, unless there's some magical "clear bottom row" block, which I can't believe. Its almost like someone erased the bottom row. Like it was a picture or something.

    There, that's the proof. Now move along to more important discussions, like the new PowerMacs being planned for next week.
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member

    Originally posted by Kesh

    Well, for models with the click-pad, you can just press down on the bottom of the scrollpad. Press left or right to move left or right. Scroll around to rotate.

    I think the article mentions that somewhere...

    but then you can't skip music or pause. Umm, it's tricky! Unless you can hold the centre button to pause and then control your music, holding the centre button again goes back to the game.
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