Apple quietly releases Xsan 1.1 with Tiger support

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Apple Computer today quietly rolled-out a new version of its Xsan network file system software and discontinued the previous version. The company said the primary goal of the Xsan 1.1 release is to provide compatibility with Tiger-based systems. While there are no new features in version 1.1, Xsan systems running on Tiger can now take advantage of 64-bit file system support to mount and access volumes up to 2 petabytes (PB) in size. Xsan is a specialized file system technology for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server that allows multiple computers to access centralized disk storage over Fibre Channel. The software delivers essential technology that will allow customers to build storage networks using Apple products, including Xserve RAID. Effective immediately, Apple also said it has end-of-lifed Xsan 1.0.
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