Apple Retail offering $59 iPod battery replacements

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Apple Computer through its retail store locations has begun to offer iPod owners a significant discount on its iPod Battery Replacement Program if the battery life of an iPod fails to meet certain conditions, AppleInsider has confirmed.

iPod owners experiencing poor battery life with an existing iPod can bring the player to an Apple-owned retail store for testing. If tests show the battery to hold a charge of only 50 percent or less of its original strength, Apple will offer a replacement for $59.

The program adjustment offers customers with qualifying iPods a discount of $40 off the cost of the standard $99 iPod Battery Repair Program. Apple originally launched the program in late-2003 following criticism amongst iPod owners who discovered the battery life of their iPod would slowly deteriorate over time.

Battery woes associated with early iPod models have also landed Apple in the court room. Last month, a court conditionally approved a settlement in a class action suit brought against the company by several consumers who claim their first-, second-, and third-generation iPod batteries did not live up to the company's representation.

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, most qualifying iPod owners who file a claim will receive a $50 reimbursement or credit towards new Apple goods. A fairness hearing on the case is scheduled to take place late next month to decide if the settlement should be granted and on what terms.

Rumors that Apple had begun offering a discount for in-store iPod battery replacements first surfaced earlier this month on Apple Retail enthusiasts site, ifoAppleStore.

Update: Apple has now dropped the mail-in price to $59 as well.


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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    "iPod owners who discovered the battery life of their iPod would slowly deteriorate over time."

    Was this the first battery they'd experienced in their lives?
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    aquamacaquamac Posts: 585member
    I think the real kicker was when apple told people to buy a new ipod instead of having a practical battery replacement program. . A q u a M a c .
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I think sales of full-sized iPods will be okay, but this *might* hurt iPod mini sales. I'm on the fence about that, though.
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    fox houndfox hound Posts: 31member
    that's just the characteristics o f the lithium-ion batteries, they do loose capacity,
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    lkearllkearl Posts: 11member
    Now that the US store has dropped the price to $59 any idea if the Canada store will follow and drop the price to $79 or so ($59 x 1.25 exchange rate). Or is this only a US store price adjustment due to the US class action suit regarding iPod battery life.

    I have a 3G 15GB iPod that I was just about to send in for the battery replacement. The battery only last 90-120 minutes on a full charge with no backlight, equalizer, or manually changing songs or playlists.
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