Additional reports place iTMS Japan launch in Aug

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According to a snail mail newsletter from Japanese record label Toshiba EMI and a report (translated) at, Apple around August 14th will proceed with plans to launch a Japanese version of its popular iTunes Music Store. These reports follow on the heels of an Nihon Keizai business daily report which said major Japanese record companies, including Columbia Music Entertainment Inc., Avex Group Holdings Inc. and Toshiba-EMI Ltd., had agreed to provide songs for the service launch this August.


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    I can't wait for the music store to open. I'll send my friends over there money in exchange for music files.
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    pmoeserpmoeser Posts: 79member
    Australia! Australia!

    Wherefore art thou, Australia!?!
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    nmcphersnmcphers Posts: 46member
    Australia is down under. If you are from there you should know that.
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    kishankishan Posts: 732member
    They need to get iTMS into Japan... Sony has moved into the #1 place for portable music players there.
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